Blogs owned and updated by RBS faculty and staff members discussing business topics and current events

  • Macrobuddies
    A Macroeconomic forum of with contributions from Rutgers Business School Executive MBA students and alumni, and "macro buddies" far and wide. By Farrokh Langdana, Director, Executive MBA Program & Professor of Finance and Economics
  • Value Competition
    An academic blog on ethics, business, law, and related subjects, with some posts on current topics. By Wayne Eastman, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences.
  • Organizational Behavior and Global Management
    A blog by Professor of Management & Global Business Ramon Henson.  Henson is an organization and management consultant with over 25 years of global experience working in senior positions with various Fortune 500 companies, including Merck, Avon Products, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.
  • Rutgers in Asia
    A blog organized by the Staff of the Rutgers Asian Business programs.
    18 years of teaching and graduating MBAs in Asia.


Blogs owned and updated by RBS students