Financial Aid

Financial Assistance

Graduate financial assistance is available from varying sources: Federal, State, University and Rutgers Business School — Newark and New Brunswick. Some awards and forms of aid are need-based, while others are awarded on the basis of merit. Unless otherwise noted in the description, applicants for financial aid must be citizens or permanent residents of the United States. For more information about the major sources of Federal and State student financial assistance, please visit the University Financial Aid Web Site.

Students who plan to apply for financial aid, merit-based or need-based, should submit the aid applications at the same time that they make application for admission to the program, or at least four months in advance of the expected matriculation date. The application for financial assistance will have no bearing upon the admissions decision.

The financial aid process, both need and merit based, is a coordinated process between the Rutgers-Newark Financial Aid Office and Rutgers Business School Graduate Admissions Office. The Rutgers-Newark Financial Aid Office is responsible for the processing of Federal loan applications, Federal College Work Study Program and the New Jersey State grant programs. The Graduate Admissions Office is responsible for the awarding of Rutgers Business School merit fellowships, merit and need-based scholarship and grant funds.


Merit-Based Awards

All accepted applicants to the MQF and Traditional Full-Time MBA programs will be considered for merit-based awards. We strongly recommend that merit candidates also file an application for need-based aid. In the case that merit-based candidates are of equal merit, the award will be granted to the student demonstrating computed financial need. The decision of the school will be considered final. Renewable awards must be used in consecutive academic years and may not be deferred.


Need-Based Aid

To be considered for all University and School based financial aid, applicants should submit the following documents:

  1. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required of all applicants for federally sponsored student aid programs, loans and grants. Students should complete the form authorizing the release to:
    Rutgers- Newark Financial Aid Office
    249 University Ave.
    Newark, NJ 01702-1896
    (federal school code 002629)
  2. Rutgers receives SAR information (electronically) from applicants that list our school code. Students need not submit a copy to us. However, if Rutgers is NOT listed, then students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for further instructions.
  3. Be certain to keep a copy of all forms submitted in support of your request for financial aid funds.