Thomas A. Renyi Endowed Chair in Banking

Thomas Renyi

Thomas A. Renyi, a graduate of Rutgers College (1967) and Rutgers Graduate School of Management (1968), was recognized in 2001 as a Distinguished Alumni of Rutgers Business School for his success as Chairman of the Bank of New York and his service to Rutgers University. A veteran of the Vietnam War, Mr. Renyi began his career at Bank of New York in 1971, rising to the rank of President in 1992 and later Chief Executive Office in 1997.  Mr. Renyi retired in 2008 from his post as Chairman of the Bank of New York Mellon having overseen a decade of growth and transformation for the company.  

Mr. Renyi’s generous support of Rutgers University through the Rutgers University Foundation and his many gifts to Rutgers have ensured dividends well into the future for current and future students and faculty.  In his most recent gift, Mr. Renyi established the Thomas A. Renyi Chair in Banking with a $2 million donation to Rutgers Business School—Newark and New Brunswick (RBS). The endowment provides RBS steady financial support in perpetuity while the chair attracts and retains the most distinguished faculty in the field of banking.


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