Who is qualified to attend this program?

This Rutgers Certificate program is designed for high-potential executives, directors, and managers. Participants should have at least five years of managerial experience in a decision-making capacity in any functional area. Participants are expected to complete assigned readings and case studies. Active classroom participation is anticipated.

Previous attendees have said the following about the Rutgers certificate program:

  • "It helped close the gaps between what I already knew about the supply chain."
  • "Being in a room with my peers was invaluable.  Prior to this conference, I had thought the members of my supply chain team were the only ones with these kinds of challenges and issues."
  • "I got a sense of all the worlds within the supply chain."
  • "Very informative and valuable not only for general knowledge acquisition, but also for daily business implementation and strategic planning."
  • "It provided an opportunity to listen to leaders in industry mixed with leaders in academia."
  • "I understand now even more than I did before how big an impact the supply chain has on shareholder value and how much it drives shareholder value."
  • "It described the supply chain from beginning to end and showed how each part of the process applies not only to the entire supply chain but to the entire organization."
  • "Fascinating… the way the whole conference was executed."
  • "Hearing from my colleagues from various industries with similar situations is both refreshing and insightful."
  • "If I follow the rules I learned here, I have a very good chance of improving the weaknesses in my supply chain."
  • "It crystallized how supply chain management has changed from strictly a purchasing function to a tactical, strategic function which affects the bottom line of the whole company."
  • "I gained an understanding of how I fit into the entire end-to-end supply chain process."


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