MBA Curriculum

Course and credit requirements have changed for current Part-Time MBA students (enrolled prior to Fall 2017) who have opted to switch to the new 54-credit curriculum. Please visit this page for a full breakdown of adjusted curriculum requirements for the 54-credit Part-Time MBA.


Please contact MBA Student Services if you have any questions.


MBA Core
(All courses required / 19 credits)

Course # Title Cr
22:010:502 (FT)
22:010:577 (PT)
Accounting for Managers 3
22:373:623 (FT)
22:373:628 (PT)
Business, Ethics, and Society** 1
22:135:583 Career Management Program*** 0
22:390:522 (FT)
22:390:587 (PT)
Financial Management* 3
22:223:521 (FT)
22:223:581 (PT)
Managerial Economic Analysis* 3
22:630:550 (FT)
22:630:586 (PT)
Marketing Management 3
22:799:564 (FT)
22:799:580 (PT)
Operations Analysis* 3
22:620:540 (FT)
22:620:585 (PT)
Organizational Behavior 3

*Note: Proficiency requirements must be completed first.

**Note: 5 Weeks; attendance required.

***Note: This course is only for students enrolled in the Traditional Full-Time MBA program.

(FT) = Traditional Full Time students should use this course number.

(PT) = Flex students should use this course number.


Foundation Courses
(Choose 3 courses / 6-7 credits)

Course # Title Cr
22:373:510 (FT)
22:373:551 (PT)
Business Communications 2
22:960:575 Data Analysis & Decision Making* 3
22:198:504 (FT)
22:198:609 (PT)
Information Technology for Managers 2
22:553:533 (FT)
22:553:593 (PT)
International Business** 2
22:373:531 (FT)
22:373:592 (PT)
Law & Legal Reasoning 2
22:620:542 (FT)
22:620:588 (PT)
Strategic Management* 2

*Note: Proficiency requirements must be completed first.

**Note: Completion of finance & economics courses is strong recommended.

(FT) = Traditional Full Time students should use this course number.

(PT) = Flex students should use this course number.


Integrative Course Requirement
(Choose 1 course / 3 credits)

Course # Title Cr
22:621:543 Integrated Business Applications* 3
22:799:650 Supply Chain Management Industry Project** 3
22:620:672 Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development** 3

*Note: Completion of core and foundation courses and some electives for a total of 30 credits required.

**Note: This course cannot be used to satisfy the integrative course requirement and as an elective for a concentration at the same time. Double counting is not permitted.


Proficiency Requirements 

Calculus and/or Statistics required as notified by Graduate Admissions.

Students may complete this requirement one of two ways: Previous undergraduate course (no credit towards the degree) or pass the Zoologic Module (no credit towards the degree). Note: students will not be certified unless proficiency requirements are completed. Please click here to learn more.


Concentration / Elective Courses


Additional Notes

Dual Concentrations

Dual Concentrations require a minimum of 15 credits in each Concentration except in the case of Finance, Pharmaceutical Management, and Accounting which requires 18 credits each.


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