MBA Concentration in Technology Commercialization, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Course and credit requirements have changed for current Part-Time MBA students (enrolled prior to Fall 2017) who have opted to switch to the new 54-credit curriculum. Please visit this page for a full breakdown of adjusted curriculum requirements for the 54-credit Part-Time MBA.


This concentration is comprised of 4 courses (12-14 credits)

Required Course

Course # Title Cr
 22:620:654  Managing Growing Ventures  3

Specialized Courses

Course # Title Cr
22:620:624 Opportunity Identification and Evaluation 3
22:620:685/6 Collaborative for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization 4
22:620:687/8 Business Models to Launch 4


Elective Courses inside MGB:

Course # Title Cr
22:620:612 Creativity in Business Decision-Making 3
22:620:601 Management of Innovation and Technology 3
22:620:617 Negotiations 3
22:620:674 Social Entrepreneurship 3
22:620:680 Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances 3
22:620:672 Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development* 3
22:553:671,674,679 Doing Business in … (Global Experience Courses)
(China, Russia, India, South Africa)

*Note: Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development can fulfill the "Integrative Course Requirement" within the MBA curriculum. If a student uses it to fulfill the Integrative Course Requirement, it cannot be used towards the Entrepreneurship concentration. Double counting is not permitted.


Courses outside MGB that can count as electives

Course # Title Cr
22:390:674 Evaluating Business Ventures 3
22:390:689 Venture Capital 3
22:390:612 Small Business Finance 3
22:630:602 New Product Innovation 3



Suggested Sequence For MBA Students

Option 1: For students interested in New Venture Creation and Evaluation

Managing Growing Ventures
Opportunity Identification
Business Model to Launch
+ 1 Elective

Option 2: For students interested in Technology Commercialization (in collaboration with the SOE and Sciences)

Managing Growing Ventures
Business Model to Launch
+ 1 Elective

Option 3: For students interested more generally in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Managing Growing Ventures
+ 3 Electives


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