Finance MBA Curriculum

Course and credit requirements have changed for current Part-Time MBA students (enrolled prior to Fall 2017) who have opted to switch to the new 54-credit curriculum. Please visit this page for a full breakdown of adjusted curriculum requirements for the 54-credit Part-Time MBA.


Credit totals may vary per group depending on the courses taken.
Speak with an advisor for questions related to degree completeness.

This concentration is comprised of 6 courses (18 credits): 1 required course (Aggregate Economics Analysis) plus 5 electives.


Required Course

Course # Title Cr
22:223:520 (FT)
22:223:591 (PT)
Aggregate Economic Analysis* 3

*Note: This course is a prerequisite to all finance electives. However, students may take Aggregate Economic Analysis during the same term as their first finance elective.


Required Electives
(Choose 2 or 3 courses)

Course # Title Cr
22:390:605 Advanced Financial Management 3
22:390:604 Financial Institutions and Markets 3
22:390:603 Investment Analysis and Management 3



Course # Title Cr
22:390:611 Analysis of Fixed Income Securities 3
22:390:658 Applied Portfolio Management 3
22:390:601 Corporate Risk and Insurance Management 3
22:010:648 Decoding of Corporate Financial Communications* 3
22:390:613 Financial Statement Analysis* 3
22:390:681 Hedge Funds 3
22:390:606 International Financial Markets 3
22:390:609 Options 3
22:390:608 Portfolio Management 3
22:390:612 Small Business Finance 3
22:390:641 -699 Special Topics Courses 3

*Note: Students may only count one, not both, of these courses toward a concentration in Finance.


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