Full-Time MBA First-Semester Experience

The MBA Office of Career Management (OCM) provides an intensive first-semester experience for students enrolled in the Full-Time MBA Program to help them become competitive MBA candidates for the summer internship search:


Step 1: Registration:


Step 2: Attend the Career Management Program Course

The Career Management Program course (CMP) is a required, non-credit-bearing course for all first-year students in the Full-Time MBA Program. It is held each fall to introduce  students to the career management process and help them become competitive MBA candidates for summer internships and full-time opportunities. A passing grade in the CMP is required for participation in the On-Campus Recruiting Program.


Step 3: Participate in On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) 

The On-Campus Recruiting Program consists of Corporate Presentations, On-Campus Interviews, and Meet & Greets that employers schedule to target  Rutgers MBA students by their graduation year.

Corporate Presentations

OCM encourages companies to conduct on- or off-campus corporate presentations to market their full-time and summer internship opportunities to  Rutgers MBA students. Following these presentations, companies schedule on-campus interviews for these opportunities.

On-Campus Interviews

As a service to employers and students, OCM invites recruiters to interview students on campus for full-time and summer internship opportunities.  Employers select applicants that best meet their recruiting needs. Student participation is limited to one academic year only.

Meet & Greets

A Meet & Greet is a career-fair-style event that allows an employer to meet exclusively with our MBA students. No other employers are present.


OCM Policies

Full-Time Students

Students must successfully complete the Career Management Program to maintain access to their Symplicity account and to participate in the On-Campus Recruiting Program.

No-Show Policy

Students must attend OCM events for which they have registered. A no-show must be followed by a written explanation describing the personal or medical emergency that prevented attendance; no explanation will result in de-activation of Symplicity account.

OCM Lateness Policy

Students arriving late to an OCM event will not be admitted. Students who arrive late for two events will not be permitted to attend other OCM events; their Symplicity account may be de-activated as well.

Reporting Offers

MBA students must inform the OCM of their job search status—i.e., whether you have accepted an offer, still seeking opportunities, or not seeking opportunities—by completing the MBA Survey. Only aggregate statistical data are reported; individual information is strictly confidential. Note: Students who do not return a completed Survey will lose access to Symplicity and will not receive a Commencement Packet for graduation.