Real Estate MBA Curriculum

Course and credit requirements have changed for current Part-Time MBA students (enrolled prior to Fall 2017) who have opted to switch to the new 54-credit curriculum. Please visit this page for a full breakdown of adjusted curriculum requirements for the 54-credit Part-Time MBA.


The MBA concentration in Real Estate is comprised of 6 courses (18 credits) in total--4 required courses and 2 electives.*

This concentration is available to students in both the full-time or the part-time MBA program. It is strongly recommended that students interested in the MBA concentration in Real Estate take Strategic Management (22:622:542) as part of their Foundation Course Requirements. 


Real Estate Core Requirements
(12 credits)


22:223:520 (FT)

22:223:591 (PT)

Aggregate Economic Analysis 3
22:390:695 Real Estate Finance 3
22:851:650 Real Estate Law 3
22:851:632 Real Estate Development 3

(6 credits, choose 2 courses)

22:390:673 Real Estate Capital Markets 3
22:851:630 Real Estate Appraisal 3
22:390:605 Advanced Financial Management 3
22:620:672 Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development 3

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*Please note: Students pursuing a dual concentration in Finance and Real Estate will need to take only 3 required courses as Aggregate Economic Analysis counts for both programs simultaneously.