(For students enrolled in an RBS major)

Students who are enrolled in a Rutgers Business School Undergraduate Program in Newark major can complete a concentration in Business of Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Management Science and Information Systems, or Supply Chain Management. Students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Possess a 2.5 grade-point average or higher
  2. Have completed 56 degree credits
  3. Have completed prerequisites for courses they take
  4. Have completed College Algebra and English Composition I and II


Business of Fashion

Students completing this concentration develop an understanding of business concepts associated with the fashion industry.



A concentration in entrepreneurship prepares students to start a business or bring entrepreneurial skills to an established business. Virtually any position can utilize the learning goals.


Global Business

Students completing this concentration develop an understanding of international business management strategies.


Leadership Skills

The leadership skills concentration aims to help students to master some of the critical “soft skills” necessary to progress through a successful career.


Management Science and Information Systems

This concentration equips students with skills need for system analysis, database management, and computer networking applications.


Real Estate

The concentration provides students with the concepts and skills that are key to establishing a successful career in real estate.



The sales concentration provides an opportunity for students to obtain the essential knowledge and skills required to begin professional careers in sales.


Supply Chain Management

This concentration introduces students to global procurement and sourcing strategies as well as the essentials needed for planning and fulfilling demands.