Liberal Arts Coordinated BA or BS / MBA in Professional Accounting

The Newark and New Brunswick colleges of Arts and Sciences and Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs-Newark and New Brunswick have established a coordinated program leading to the B.A. or B.S. degree at the applicant’s undergraduate college of Arts and Sciences and an M.B.A. degree in Professional Accounting from Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs.

The program is designed for liberal arts and science students who seek to pursue full-time professional studies in accounting at the graduate level. Students who accrue more than 9 credits in accounting at the undergraduate level, or who earn an undergraduate degree through the Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate- Newark and New Brunswick may not enroll in this program. Further information and applications may be obtained from the Graduate Admissions Office, Rutgers Business School: Newark and New Brunswick, 1 Washington Park, Newark NJ 07102.


Program requirements are:

  1. A minimum of 94 undergraduate credits in liberal arts and science subjects, including satisfactory completion of the general education requirements of the applicant’s arts and science undergraduate program at Rutgers-Newark or New Brunswick.
  2. Satisfactory completion of an undergraduate major at the applicant’s undergraduate arts and science program other than business or accounting at Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick.
  3. A cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or better and a Graduate Management Admissions Test score acceptable to the Director of the Professional Accounting Program.

Careful planning is necessary to complete the undergraduate requirements specified within a 94-credit framework. Accordingly, the program is ordinarily open only to students who matriculate as first-year students at a Rutgers undergraduate arts and science program in Newark or New Brunswick or to those who transfer with no more than 30 credits.

Students interested in this program should contact the Office of Student Affairs and the Director of the Professional Accounting Program during their first year; an official declaration of intent must be filed during the sophomore year at the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs and Rutgers Business School: Graduate-Newark and New Brunswick. Application for admission to the Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs – Newark and New Brunswick is then made during the junior year according to the procedures outlined in the school’s catalog. Students who meet at least the minimum qualifications specified above will be admitted to the Rutgers Business School-Graduate Programs, providing a timely application for admission is filed and space is available in the class to which entry is sought.


Program Contacts

RBS Office of Graduate Admissions ›

Alexander J. Sannella
Director of the MBA in Professional Accounting