Networking: The REMBA Alumni Upgrade

EMBA ROI in Action


REMBA 2016 alumni Ken Grassia (LEFt) and Ayodeji Sonaike(RIGHT)

Just months after graduating from the program, REMBA 2016 alumnus Ken Grassia joined the supply chain giant as their Operations Manager heading a brand new 800,000 square foot fulfillment center in Carteret, NJ. As Operations Manager, Ken’s primary functions are to track and drive building quality and to lead onboarding, training, and development of Amazon Associates and managers.

Since joining Amazon, not only has Ken graciously offered REMBA supply chain management students a tour of the facility in the Spring semester as part of a course field trip, but he has also exercised the Remba Alumni Networking Upgrade and brought on his fellow 2016 classmate, Ayodeji Sonaike, as an Area Manager. Deji’s primary role as Area Manger on the Outbound team at the new fulfillment center will be to lead over 40 Amazon Associates. This is another perfect example of the REMBA Advantage, and a further validation of the strength of the Supply Chain program at RBS.




Rutgers EMBAs at the Healthcare Symposium, with Migrant Mother watching over the proceedings.  The iconic photograph from the Great Depression, a gift from the EMBA Class of 2011, is an integral part of the EMBA Experience.

EMBA Commencement


EMBAs Lincoln Rowley, Folarin Ojo, and the famous Terra Cotta General statue, following a session on Networking Strategies, conducted by Lincoln. The statue was shipped from Xian, China and dedicated to Prof. Langdana by the class of 2009.


Dear Emba Alums,

Recently, our very own Dr. Ben Sopranzetti taught a uniquely-positioned new course on Financial Strategy in Emba.  This course has been brilliantly positioned between the Strategy course taught by the legendary Professor Barry Karafin, and the hard-hitting Advanced Finance electives taught by giants such as Professors Ivan BrickSuresh Govindaraj, Mark Castelino, and Dr. Ben (and, yes, me too).  

Ben's course ranges from not just how to manage cash flows strategically, but also how to make the perfect sales pitch to venture capitalists, how to sell/franchise your business, etc.  As a unique component of this course, he also covered "How to strategically negotiate your salary," and Ben kindly invited the REMBA alumni to attend.  


Please join us at one of our many Open Houses and hear all about our alumni activities. Attend an Open House to experience The Powerhouse and interact with current students.

EMBA alumni in the news:



We host an annual all day Back-to-School Alumni event every year in the Spring, that includes breakfast, lunch and a coffee break.

The morning is comprised of a get-together over breakfast followed by updates on key, "must-know" refresher topics delivered by former EMBA professors and, occasionally, guest speakers. The event also includes networking opportunities for EMBA alumni to reconnect with each other.

For our recent Back to School Alumni Event, a 1 day workshop on Lean Innovation was facilitated by a serial entrepreneur who is also an angel investor and educator.

Alumni testimonial from the Lean Innovation workshop:

"I have witnessed the launch of multiple Innovation Centers across the globe, using the Lean Innovation and design thinking methodology as discussed in the class, in the last 2 years at my work with huge success. Clearly, introduction of this course is a step in the right direction, as educational institutes and mature industries recognize the need for Innovation."
 - Seethar Sunku, EMBA Alumnus

Rutgers Executive MBA alumni at a recent workshop on Lean Innovation


Rutgers Executive MBAs at a recent Back to School Alumni Event


The Powerhouse Advantage

"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young"
 - Henry Ford

The Rutgers Executive MBA program, also known as the Powerhouse, was specifically designed to provide you with the theoretical tools, the practical insights, and the vital hands-on skills essential to competing in this challenging global environment. However since your graduation, the business environment has not remained static. In fact, the change continues to accelerate at an unrelenting pace. In an effort to ensure that you keep your knowledge, skill and ability current we are very pleased and excited to introduce a new program designed exclusively for current Rutgers EMBAs and fellow EMBA graduates called, The Powerhouse Advantage!

The Powerhouse Advantage! will entitle you to attend our Rutgers Business School Executive Education (RBSEE) offerings, which normally cost up to $1000 per day, for a fee of only $99 per day. This fee is necessary to cover the direct costs associated with the delivery of these sessions. Program offerings and schedule can be found here: Executive Education Website. If you have any program specific or logistical questions, please reach out to Peter Methot, the Managing Director at: The terms and conditions pertaining to the Powerhouse Advantage! are below.

RBSEE is home to the internationally acclaimed Mini-MBA and offers relevant, cutting-edge programs that deliver measureable and observable outcomes. Delivered by award winning faculty, RBSEE programs capture the essence of the most critical business topics of today, including Digital Marketing, Engineering & Technology Management, Economics, Finance, BioPharma, Healthcare, and more!

We hope to see you at one of the RBSEE programs in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Farokh Langdana, Director, EMBA
Joe Schaffer, Associate Dean, RBSEE

Terms and Conditions: The Powerhouse Advantage is subject to open seat availability prior to the start of the program. EMBA Alumni must identify their status upon enrolling in the desired program and cannot split the day rate across different programs or dates. iPads will not be provided at this rate.


International Networking

Every June, when the EMBA class visits China for 10 days, we conduct networking sessions in Beijing and Shanghai with alumni from the China programs that Rutgers formerly offered. These are very well attended, and often are the first steps in forming strong networking alliances across the Pacific.


EMBA Golf Classics

These are organized by the current classes and alumni, and are held at various local golf courses. The most recent event was held at the Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains.

Golf is followed by dinner and of course, vigorous networking all day! Often, golf classes for first-time golfers are also arranged.  If golf is not your thing, then  attend the dinner and the networking.


For a listing of events, please click here.

REMBA Alumni Golf Outing


Members of REMBA Alumni Golf Committee

Veteran's Day at The Rutgers EMBA Powerhouse