REMBA Alum: Anita Ricketts

Anita Ricketts
Vice President, Consulting for DiversityInc

Anita Ricketts (EMBA 2012) is Vice President, Consulting for DiversityInc., where she provides analysis of partner company's benchmarking data, the latest information on diversity management best practices and acts as a resource for company-led initiatives and programs.

I was looking for an executive business education experience that would be a continuation of my academic experience at Stanford, close to home and supportive of my other obligations, like home and work.  After learning more about the program, it fit the bill very well.

The program is a real challenge. It can be alternatively thrilling and exhausting at the same time. What made me better was knowing I finished the program with a lot of new skills and knowledge, new friends and a family that was still speaking to me.  

What most defined the program for me was sitting around the table sharing meals with my fellow students: we debated about school projects and problems and shared stories about our families, our work, our plans and how we were making it through the program. These experiences have continued now that the program is long over for us. I recently shared a meal with fellow students and we talked about our families, our work and our plans; supporting, sharing and caring about each other.

The program helped tremendously because I can now read any business journal or magazine and have an in-depth understanding of the content. I can speak (and act) intelligently and authoritatively on many challenges that businesses and leaders are facing today and will face in the future. Most importantly, the framework for how I think about these questions and issues has changed.  I have an approach and context to cope with the rapidly changing situations that business leaders face.