REMBA Alum: Jillian Ortiz

Jillian Ortiz
Director, Human Resources at Prudential

Jillian Ortiz (EMBA 2011) is the Director, Human Resources at Prudential and is responsible for providing human resources consulting for Prudential Mortgage Capital Company. She partners with the business in developing and implementing new policies and programs to support goals and objectives on initiatives such as succession planning, performance management, recruiting, leadership development, compensation and diversity.   

As a sociology major with a career in human resources working for a financial services company, I felt I lacked sufficient business knowledge to advance my career.  Pursuing an EMBA helped address this deficiency. Surrounding myself with a diverse group of classmates in the EMBA program, helped me better relate to my business partners. It also provided me with additional skills that I hope will help me realize my goal of one day owning my own business.   

The program includes a 10 day trip to China and I am sure that most of the students would say that this is one of the high points of the program.  One of the greatest memories I have of REMBA, occurred on one of our last nights on the trip.  We had just arrived in Hong Kong and quickly headed for the Symphony of Lights Show in Hong Kong's Harbor.   It was a great adventure having all of us run through the streets and subway station of Hong Kong, as we made it just in time to see the show commence at sunset.  It was a memorable moment for many of us and a fun journey getting there!

Shortly after completing the program, I applied for a more senior position with my current employer and I feel my experiences in the EMBA program were instrumental in achieving this opportunity. It demonstrated to those I interviewed with that I had an ongoing commitment to furthering my development. I feel that the relationships and business connections I established have made me who I am today and I am confident that those relationships will serve me well throughout the rest of my career.