REMBA Alum: Lynn Cox

Lynn Cox
Vice President-Midwest Area Network for Verizon Wireless

Lynn Cox (EMBA 2004) is Vice President-Midwest Area Network for Verizon Wireless where she is responsible for planning, engineering and operations of Verizon Wireless’s network in the Midwest.

I was a new executive when I started the program and my job was very demanding. I chose the EMBA program at Rutgers because the weekend class structure and 20 month timeframe appealed to me and I liked the idea of being in a program that was mainly comprised of executives.
The greatest benefit I got from the EMBA program was improved financial skills.  In corporate jobs, the majority of employees use accounting skills more than finance – balancing budgets, P&L responsibilities, etc.  The EMBA program helped me sharpen and flex my financial knowledge and gave me a much better “big picture” understanding of my industry as well macro-economic influences that affect domestic and global trade.  I can connect the dots now because I understand these concepts at a much deeper level.

One of the key things that defined the EMBA experience for me was the week-in-residence at the beginning of each semester. This accelerated our learning and class bonding because we had 24x7 access to our groups and classmates.  

Since graduating from the EMBA program, I’ve been promoted twice and have moved into new disciplines across the business.  While hard work and determination were key factors to these moves and successes, the knowledge I gained from the EMBA program also played a major role.  I understand and can apply broad business concepts better than in the past.  The case studies and HBR work, coupled with the functional learning in each course helped me better understand all aspects of running a company and managing market fluctuations.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without the EMBA program.