EMBA Faculty: Barry Karafin

Barry Karafin
The Art and Science of Strategy 

When Steve Chappell, one of the former presidents of Telcordia who was taking a few selected courses in Rutgers EMBA was told that Barry Karafin would be teaching Strategy in the program, he stopped what he was doing and said, “you mean THE Barry Karafin?”

This would indeed be the perfect description for Dr. Barry Karafin.  He has been Vice President at Lucent/AT&T (now Avaya), interim CEO at Eastman Kodak , and is a highly sought-after consultant.  His previous clients include 3Com, Adobe Systems, AT&T, Honeywell, Lucent Technologies, Thomson-CSF, and a variety of technology start-ups.  His engagements include strategic and market planning, operations, technology strategy and management, and venture investment due-diligence. Two of Prof. Karafin’s start-up clients have been purchased by Fortune-500 firms.

Dr. Karafin teaches a truly capstone course in Rutgers EMBA  He synthesizes elements from finance, economics, marketing, leadership, organizational behavior, global business, and supply chain management to deliver a course that is the envy of other Emba programs and a course that has EMBA alumni revisiting his classes.  Given Prof. Karafin’s remarkable experience and exceptional teaching ability, it is not surprising that Strategy in Rutgers EMBA has been ranked #5 globally by Businessweek.

Cases discussed by Prof. Karafin vary with contemporaneous changes in global business, Some recent companies discussed include Starbucks, Honda, eBay, and Asahi Breweries.


Student Testimonial

“Most of my classmates are mid-level/senior executives.  We all thought that we knew Strategy since we ‘did it all the time’ at work.  Wrong!  After the first case analysis, when Barry Karafin discussed his solution, we realized how the Legend of Barry had come about.  He is astounding in his ability to blend 3-5 different disciplines, and to leverage his experience to arrive at one remarkable solution.  And he epitomizes the EMBA program in that he is the perfect blend of theory and hard-hitting real-world experience.   My strategic decision-making will never be unidimensional again thanks to this perfect capstone course.”