EMBA Faculty: Terri Kurtzberg

Terri Kurtzberg

Professor Terri Kurtzberg teaches the “Secrets of Successful Virtual Teams” module which focuses on helping each EMBA student become more effective at leading and participating in virtual team interactions. Both common virtual team problems and realistic solutions are discussed on topics ranging from early team interactions and building trust to coordination difficulties and leadership challenges. Problems created by electronic communication are also be addressed.

Professor Kurtzberg is Associate Professor of Management and Global Business at Rutgers Business School, Newark and New Brunswick. She was trained at the University of Chicago (BA/MA), the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (PhD), and Harvard Business School (visiting PhD student). She has also taught at the Stern School of Business at NYU. Her areas of expertise include virtual teams, e-mail communications, negotiation strategies and tactics, and organizational creativity. Her primary research focuses on technology and how communicating via computer (e-mail and instant messenger tools, for example) changes organizational outcomes such as negotiations, feedback, group cooperation, knowledge sharing, and blame.

Professor Kurtzberg’s work has been cited in major media outlets such as Fortune Magazine, The New York Times, CNN.com, and on the BBC World Service radio program, among others. Her published work appears in journals such as Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of Applied Psychology, Group Dynamics, and Social Justice Research.

She is the author of Virtual Teams: Mastering Communication and Collaboration in the Digital Age, and is the co-author of The Essentials of Job Negotiations: Proven Strategies for Getting What You Want. She is the recipient of multiple teaching and research awards.