EMBA Testimonials

To all:

It is always a pleasure to share my tremendous experience that I had at Rutgers EMBA program.  To be able to share with fellow veterans is always a very special opportunity for me.  Anything I can continue to do to help grow all aspects of Rutgers Business School in the veteran space and with corporations that hire veterans, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

I always give credit to the EMBA program for what my nonprofit (Headstrong Project) is now doing on a national level for veteran issues surrounding mental health.  Without Dr. Langdana's program, Headstrong Project would be without the much needed business fundamentals to operate effectively.  Here is a short film we created to give an idea of our recent successes of the program and the difference we are making...4 minute video

Headstrong Project will become the premier mental health provider for veterans and its because of Rutgers that this will happen.

-Chris Wilson, EMBA Class 2015


Dear Farrokh and Team EMBA,

I recently joined Paul V. Profeta & Associates, Inc. as the Director of Real Estate. I will be working alongside Paul in managing the company’s real estate assets and evaluating new real estate investments and development projects across multiple sectors, including office, multi-family, retail and industrial.

I met Paul the evening I presented my independent research project at Dolce, in January 2015, which wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Not only has that project allowed me to work with one of the premier real estate developers in New Jersey, Devco, but it has now paved a new path in my career.

Thank you for all that you have done - your commitment, compassion and relentless support has made all the difference.”


- Michael Pelardis, EMBA Class 2015


I wanted to share with you a powerful story about the strength of the REMBA network. I feel like this anecdote, with the appropriate storyteller, should contribute strongly to any prospect’s perception of the value of the personal connections made while in the program. At the very least, it will validate yours.

Shortly after graduating the REMBA program, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer. I was told I would need multiple rounds of surgery and chemotherapy if I was to beat the disease. I also realized that in order to get well, I would have to leave work to fully devote my energy to this 6 month endeavor.

I very quickly found my fellow REMBA alums to be some of my biggest supports. Calls, emails and text messages began pouring in. And not just checking-in either, but offering everything possible; cooking meals for my family, offers of childcare, rides to chemo, and financial support to lessen the burden. A few alums set up an online fundraiser, with support coming from multiple graduating years, proof that the bond goes beyond one’s cohort. Other classmates had previously decided to host a “Texas Hold ‘em” fundraiser for another alumnus’ foundation, but once he heard about my ordeal, he decided to redirect the proceeds to my struggle. I was honored and thankful.

I survived the disease with a few complications (a hospitalization and some blood transfusions) and minor disability from the treatment, but was found to be clear of any current cancer affliction. Once well enough to return to work I was informed by my employer my role had been changed, and was asked to perform more entry level tasks, as a staff nurse, since their operational needs had changed. They even asked, though cleared to return to work by my surgeon and oncologist, for me to remain out until I had fewer work restrictions. While the physical demands of the job pushed the limits of my disability (a painful neuropathy of my hands and feet), the message of my worth to them was more devastating.  Farrokh, you have often said if you are not being utilized for your comparative advantage, it would be best to seek opportunities elsewhere. This had become blindingly clear at this point.

When a peer heard about my employment situation, he immediately jumped at the chance to bring me onto his team. Apparently, the “2-year interview”--Thanks Nacho!-- had gone rather well. While I was still put through the same paces any interviewee would be, I was given the chance to interview for a role with a “non-traditional” resume, transitioning from nursing to finance technology. I traveled into Manhattan for the 3-hour interview with 10 members of the team—on the same day I had officially heard from my oncologist that there were no more signs of any cancer. The entire team bought into what I was bringing to the table and it was an amazing fresh start. A fresh start only made possible by the connections made at REMBA. I fully understand now why this IS “The Powerhouse.”

The new job is going better than I imagined. I look forward to the new challenges every day and my confidence has grown as peers who have been in the industry for years are already seeking me out for help and solutions. I find myself constantly utilizing the tools I learned at Rutgers and continue to sharpen them. Most importantly, along with strengthening my character and freeing myself of this disease, the battle against cancer has strengthened my friendships with my classmates far more than any “China Trip” could. I am so thankful for them, and can honestly say I do not know where I would be today without their support.

Health & Happiness,

-Chris Banko REMBA ‘15


Dear Farrokh,

Again thank you for your unwavering support. Since December due to the Rutgers EMBA, I've had 4 job offers, 3 in industry and with all the interviewing I've been doing, it has become a part-time job.

Farrokh, the program exceeded my expectations and I only came to that realization with interviewing. Truthfully, I wasn't sure how I was going to sell the EMBA. But low and behold I didn't have to-it sells itself. Senior Executives are telling me how impressed they are with the Rutgers EMBA and at least in part, the reason they've asked me to come interview.

You are the soul of the program.

Yours gratefully,

- Fareeda Hosein MD, EMBA Alumnus

Dear Professor Langdana and Entire Rutgers EMBA Staff:

"My law degree made me a living but my MBA degree gave me a life"

This is what I tell anyone who asks me why I decided to pursue my MBA at Rutgers. Sure, there are certainly many programs that could have helped me achieve the degree alone but only one that provided me with much more. I like to refer to this as the Rutgers “value-add”. This “value–add” is the little intangible things that make a huge difference in the Rutgers program.

It comes from the professors and REMBA staff that tirelessly take personal care over each and every class member, the enormous wealth of knowledge and experience each and every professor and lecturer bring to the program and from the other classmates that rapidly evolve into lifelong partners in learning. I would not dare say I learned as much from my classmates as I did from the professors but due to the excellent design of the program it forces one’s strengths to develop at a much faster pace as your team’s success relies upon it. Rock Stars are born week after week in the program with one classmate after the next outshining the “last” of many great performances. I watched as so many personalities “broke out” of their shells. All in an environment that allows you to grow with unlimited support, unlimited ability and unfettered criticism not meant to break you down but to make you better. The program in and of itself was a creative process and does not end upon graduation.

Without the program I would have never moved on from my law practice to explore my current business venture. My REMBA class started a real estate investment fund that raised a significant amount of money in one night and has returned better than 18% ROI year after year since inception. This would have never been possible anywhere else but Rutgers. We became family. Sure, as a lawyer I would have been comfortable flying high but as a Rutgers EMBA I will soar.

Thank you.

- John N. Giorgi, J.D., MBA

“I recently took a new position as CFO at the Museum of the City of New York. Needless to say, REMBA provided me with skills, accreditation, and, most importantly, confidence to take on the job.”

- Brian Herrin, EMBA Alumnus

Dear Farrokh,
Thank you….
For the opportunity to become an EMBA
For your wisdom, guidance, and unending patience,
For the faith you had in my ability to overcome adversity,
For the chance to be humbled by other  bright  intelligent individuals,
For showing me the path to rise to the occasion and experience the Cycle of One,
For being a wonderful teacher and mentor,
With much gratitude,

 - Lee Williamson, EMBA Alumnus

There is no way to fully express in words the invaluable experience I have gained from the EMBA program over the past two years. However, here is my attempt: Anxiously waiting outside Langdana’s office for my first initial interview, week-in-residence Accounting deep dives and late night laughs at the Dolce, level 5 leadership, intense weekends filled with “deep engine rooms” and classroom debates, Rosa’s “Cruel but Fair” t-shirt, Marisa Blackwell’s Cravings A Caterer’s, the dedication and smiles of Kathleen, Georgia, Josephine and Michele who are always there for support and guidance, the Langdana & Kerman show, Nacho’s mentorship and Macro overview’s, Sureshism’s that I continue to laugh about to this day, Sopranzetti’s amazing passion for finance and his love for the EV/EBITDA multiple, Castelino’s N I PV PMT FV, Bricks ATWACOC and Unlevered Beta, 4 colored BIC pens and the screaming chicken, never looking at the Wall St Journal the same way again, the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, Jade Buddha Temple, Tea Gardens and the farewell dinner, lifelong friends, my EMBA family, and the underpinning of EMBA -Farrokh Langdana.

 - Christian Astle, The Linde Group, Sr. Treasury Analyst

"Good morning, Farrokh. I wanted to share this good news with you that I received yesterday. I was officially made a Partner at Loop Capital Markets yesterday. I am the the youngest partner (39 yrs old) and the first to make it in under 3 yrs of service to the firm. My Chairman, Jim Reynolds stated yesterday that he already sees my growth as a manager and banker since beginning the Rutgers EMBA Program.

I am very blessed and appreciative that you accepted me within the Program. It is paying off in more ways than one and I am not even half way through!"

 - Derek McNeil, Partner, Loop Captial Markets

Dr. Sunil Wimalawansa, Head of Endocrinology at Robert Wood Johnson hospital, and Rutgers EMBA extraordinaire, sends us this photo of him crossing the Finish Line at a 5K run in San Diego, recently; Sunil came first in the over-50 race.  But most important—note his shirt!  Rutgers EMBA!

"Under Farrokh’s leadership, and with the support of the Rutgers administration, the EMBA program has been taken to new heights and has expanded its approach to reflect today’s global marketplace.  With top rankings from the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and Business Week, the program continues to demonstrate the compelling value proposition that it offers."

 - Frank Gatti, Former CFO of The New York Times and later CFO and Senior VP of Educational Testing Service (ETS)

"Often in life, people undergo life changing experiences and that those experiences become part of who they are.  This amazing program is just that.  At the start, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew that I needed a change in my life that would begin to define the next 20 years of me and my career.  The EMBA at RBS has impacted me beyond my imagination.  As I drive to work, I begin to notice so many cars on the road with the red “R” stickers, and I feel that I have become part of something much bigger than just me.

It is too difficult to describe in words what the EMBA program has meant to me, but I can say that hands down, by some force of nature greater than me, that I made the right choice of schools.  I am truly grateful and humbled by all of you; for your time, commitment and caring towards all of the students.

Thank you for all that you have done to make the REMBA program outstanding."

 - Richard Acoury, EMBA Alumnus

"Just wanted to share with you that I flew out to Atlanta last week and officially signed as a Franchisee with Primrose Schools - the leader in educational child care. I have wanted to do this for a few years now but stopped short for various reasons. Due credit to my entire EMBA experience for giving me the confidence and conviction to move forward with this venture.

I have used Prof. Rachel Napear's class to drive a lot of the discussions and QA with the parent company. In fact, when I met with Primrose Management Team on Friday, I was told that I was one of very few prospects who requested a SWOT, Market and Demographic analyses prior to signing up! I have EMBA to thank for that!

My target Market is Berkeley Heights and if all goes well, my school licensed for 200 kids will be opening in the fall of 2012! Will keep you posted of my progress.

In the meantime, coinciding with the EMBA graduation & progressing my Plan B, I accepted the Director, Strategic Program Management Role at Prudential. My first day at the job, I was presented with the team's Marketing Rationale - "Execute against key opportunities relative to market segments by differentiating between appropriate target market segments in which to sell aggressively, opportunistically.........unprofitable market segments will be remediated to free up capacity to absorb growth in profitable market segments." I felt like I was right back with Professors Barry Karafin and Sandy Becker.

For the knowledge, the insight, the confidence and the lifetime of friendships, my Rutgers EMBA experience is more valuable to me than I can ever put in words."

- Amina Gunaratne, Director, Strategic Program Management, Prudential


I have to tell you about the huge value the Rutgers EMBA program had for myself because I think such feedback is important to you with all the efforts you put into this program.

I accepted the offer for the position of CFO within a leading US container terminal operator and will start my new role right next week. As I am a non-US resident (fyi: Markus is German), this means a great opportunity to me to gain ground in a leading position with a US company. This has been facilitated by the “gate-opening” of my class-mate, Morten Nicolaisen, (fyi: Morten is CFO of Maersk, USA), who provided me with the contact. This is a great example of the networking opportunities the Rutgers EMBA program can offer.  But most importantly, going successfully through the tough and condensed program, learning a big deal about new financial approaches, strategy, global economy and so much more, combined together with updating my knowledge from my past studies, gave me a lot of “technical” confidence and the ability to fulfill the tasks that such a position requires.

I want to express my thanks to the faculty’s efforts in teaching us the latest material in a very practical and understandable way. And especially, I want to thank YOU for having established this program and implemented this very special REMBA culture where the school is not a hurdle but a supporter for the mastering of all the challenges (and sometimes pains) involved with these studies.

I am happy to be only few days away from the graduation now, but also sad to leave the program."

- Markus Braun, EMBA Alumnus

"I decided to go back to school for my MBA to expand my business skill-set to be considered for roles of increasing responsibility. My career path to that point was not going to take me much further based on having expertise in one specific discipline. The Rutgers EMBA proved to be the ideal choice. From the professors, readings, trips and my classmates, I gained knowledge that was implemented immediately in the workplace. In some cases I was able to enhance my own work product and in other instances, I participated in discussions and decisions outside of my area of responsibility. Upon graduation, the REMBA experience allowed me to move to a more challenging role at a global technology company. In fact, the job description expanded over the course of the interview process as the company became more comfortable with my background. I was hired as the first Executive Director for the company's U.S. medical business overseeing all Web, Brand, Public Relations, Public Affairs and Marketing Communications activity. Since then, my team and scope of work has doubled due to an acquisition and I am a founding member of a workgroup responsible for guiding communications across all of the company's markets around the globe. I have also just been informed that I will report to the new position of President of the medical business for North and South America. I know that without the skills and motivation provided by REMBA, I would not have had been considered for this position."

 - Mark A. Miller, Executive Director, Marketing Services, Olympus America Inc.

"My thoughts on the program – It was one of the best things I have ever done to enhance my knowledge and career.  While an executive program is challenging, specifically with handling the demands full time job, trying to still be present for my husband and daughter and successfully manage the course work, I enjoyed every second of it.  I was able to stretch myself in ways I didn’t think were possible, throughout the program, beginning with my first week of classes, I was able to immediately utilize my learnings in my workplace. I was promoted twice during the program and again after graduating."

  - Jennifer D. Garofolo, Oncology Regional Business Director, Central Region for Janssen Biotech, Inc., the Biotech company of Johnson & Johnson

"Thanks for 2 great years that will continue to have an impact on my life till the day I die. I have struggled since I came to NJ to meet people that I really connected with and could form lasting bonds, that is all different now. I have met such a wonderful group of people that I will be friends with for life, that have common interests, goals, and I am sure we will be in touch forever. It is too bad there are no ROI measures for that.... get Jagpal on that one.  I know the program will just get stronger with you at the helm, and I hope you stick with it till it's reputation surpasses all of those programs across the river."

  - Brad Kinnas, EMBA Alumnus

"It has been almost a year from the happy moments of graduating from the REMBA program.  With the market yet to fully recover from the worst crisis last year, I was very nervous about landing the job I wanted right after my REMBA  degree.

After a few initial setbacks to finding my dream job, I did some strategy analysis based on skills taught by Prof. Barry Karafin and modified my job search accordingly. As a result I landed up at one of the best starting points to launch a management career immediately after an EMBA program. I have been very successful as a great technologist for the last 13 years and there was something lacking to be a great manager inspite of my skills. I believe it was the lack of formal MBA education from a branded school. Rutgers Executive MBA filled that exact gap. My recent job of Vice President of Corporate Finance Technology at Citigroup Corporate Center, responsible for a budget of close to 2MM dollars and managing a global team of 35 technology professionals is quite a bit of an achievement. Esp. keeping in mind, that I was an individual contributor prior to my EMBA program. As a part of this role I am managing technology applications to keep Managerial Reporting and Regulatory Reporting of month-end accounting book close for Citi Private Bank divisions in US and Latin America. Every day I remember Suresh’s accounting tips and his smart quotes in his class.

In my job, I noticed that my personality has improved a lot and that I have a more global mind-set than when I joined the program. The leadership and negotiating skills acquired are of use on a day to day basis. I can’t thank you enough for making this REMBA experience and unique and rewarding one.

Please keep up the great leadership in creating many leaders that transform the corporate world for decades to come.

Thanking all the EMBA staff for their great support and to Marisa for preparing a special lunch every week to accommodate my dietary restrictions without my request. Where else we can find such sweet MBA staff."

 - Seethar Sunku, EMBA Alumnus

"Outside of Rutgers the word 'executive' may often times be associated with the words stodgy and arrogant. 'Executive' may even intimidate some individuals. The 'E' in the RBS EMBA culture does not have any of those connotations. The culture is casual and helpful. As executive students, we spend our time and energy learning from one another rather than competing against each other."

  - Joe Fetcho, Global Financial Controller - Barclays Payments Business

"I enrolled in the Rutgers Executive MBA program in 2004 to sharpen my administrative and leadership skills and learn new ideas that I could take back to my workplace as well as to several non-profit organizations with which I volunteer. My goal was to make our efforts more efficient and productive. Two areas I am particularly focused on are leadership and marketing."

  - Sunil Wimalawansa, Professor, UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

"As my career advances, I increasingly find myself in positions in which strategic analysis of the business is critical. I wanted to gain a better understanding of managing this aspect of a dynamic organization, which led me to the Rutgers EMBA program."

  - Peter G. Pangis, Managing Director, Regional Trust Executive -Metro NY Region U.S. Trust NY, NY