Students at ethical leadership event.


Institute for Ethical Leadership

Ethics Matter: Academic Integrity

Partnership For Student Programming

Rutgers Business School (RBS) students frequently emphasize that having exposure to current leaders is an invaluable part of their education. The Institute connects leaders with student groups and works closely with them to offer relevant, compelling programming. Through close partnerships at Rutgers, the Institute delivers programming that empowers undergraduate and graduate students to integrate their values when faced with complex ethical dilemmas. These collaborative programs equip students with decision-making and critical thinking skills to help them become strong ethical leaders.

The Institute also partners with RBS Student Services Departments to present sessions that focus on addressing ethical dilemmas, emotional intelligence, values, and applying the Institute’s decision-making model. The Institute teaches two undergraduate sessions as part of the required Business Forum course and presents a leadership workshop, RU prepared to do the right thing? Ethics and Leadership – Why it Matters on the Job, for the Office of Career Management.

Academic Integrity Initiative

RBS senior leadership and the Institute share a strong commitment to our students, who represent the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we have implemented a series of lunch-and-learn sessions and cooperative programs with student groups to enhance the culture of academic integrity. The next stage will be selecting student intern ambassadors, who will be charged to develop communication strategies and an execution plan. We look forward to the impact of this academic initiative on current and future students.

This year, we also announced the Donald L. McCabe Academic Integrity Award, which is presented to a student, faculty or staff member who represents and promotes the values of academic integrity at RBS. Our inaugural recipient is the “founding father” of academic integrity research, Donald L. McCabe, RBS Professor of Management and Global Business.

"RU Ethical?" Staff Lunch-and-Learn Sessions

As part of our commitment to strengthening the ethical culture at RBS, the Institute hosts quarterly lunches for RBS staff to discuss ethics and related topics. Sessions have included a lively discussion of “Why good people do bad things,” and “How do your actions impact the Rutgers reputation?” by Ted Brown, then Senior Vice President and Rutgers Chief Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics and Compliance Officer.

Student at ethical leadership event.

Academic Courses

Honor Pledge & Academic Integrity

Ethics is a critical issue that must be made an integral part of any organization’s culture. Here at Rutgers Business School (RBS), we must ensure that our students have a solid foundation that is grounded in integrity and respect of basic ethical principles. Rutgers University, in conjunction with the RBS Committee, has established an Honor Code that states:

“I pledge, on my honor, that I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this examination (assignment).”

The pledge is a required component of RBS syllabi. In the future, students may be required to write and sign the honor pledge on every major paper, examination and assignment. This honor pledge will not displace, modify or amend the standards and procedures set forth in the Rutgers University Code of Student Conduct, but simply suggest a higher set of standards to which RBS students adhere.

MBA Course: Personal and Leadership Development

Personal and Leadership Development is a graduate course at Rutgers Business School designed to help students develop the necessary skills needed to serve as successful senior executives in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. Through case studies and presentations by nonprofit experts, the curriculum includes a survey of the sector, the role of the board and executive management, strategic planning, life and career planning, as well as other pertinent topics. This course has been part of the MBA curriculum for seven years.

Business Forum Course

Is required for all Rutgers Business School (RBS) undergraduate students and is offered on both the New Brunswick and Newark campuses. Taught by several instructors, the Institute for Ethical Leadership is responsible for providing the students with an overview of ethical leadership.

Full-time MBA & Professional Accounting MBA Orientations

Introduces incoming business accounting students to the field of ethics. Students are taken through an exercise that explores personal, family and organizational values, focuses on the state of ethics in our society and introduces a process for ethical decision making that ends with each student working on an action plan.