Response to Supply Chain Disruptions: The Role of Leadership and Inter-Organizational Collaboration

Last Occurrence: Friday, January 24, 2014 8:00am - 5:00pm
Newark Campus: 1 Washington Park, Bove Auditorium
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The Center for Supply Chain Management and the Supply Chain Disruption Research Laboratory at Rutgers Business School present a conference on Response to Supply Chain Disruptions: The Role of Leadership and Inter-Organizational Collaboration.

Supply chain disruptions, defined as surprising events that sever the flow of goods or services across multiple organizations, seem to be ever more present as business concerns. Today’s firms face an increasing number of severe, unfamiliar, and complex disruptions to their operations. Possibly as a result of the increased interconnectedness and complexity of the electronically-linked global networks of production, even small failures at a remotely located sub-supplier can bring down an entire supply. Whether man-made or natural, supply chain disruptions are a key concern to the viability and success of firms.

Among the tools to effectively face and ward off supply chain disruptions are leadership and collaboration. However, leading in the face of disruptions is far different from leading under ordinary circumstances. Nor is what is expected of collaborations in the face of disruptions the same as collaborations during normal times.

Focusing on leadership and inter-organizational collaborations, this event will highlight some of the intricacies and particularities that may be missed by organizations when strategizing on how to best mitigate supply chain disruptions. The full day event will blend (a) insights from leading experts in business continuity and emergency management with (b) results of academic research using several methods in supply chain research and (c) case study investigations conducted by graduate students on recent supply chain disruptions.


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