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Advanced Lean Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies


Leading sustainably aligned organizations while considering the impact to supply chain diversity is the “new normal” for companies looking to remain competitive and profitable. Organizations of all sizes are contemplating the effects of corporate social responsibility and the related financial implications of running a lean, green organization.  The Advanced Lean Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies program blends lean methodologies with supply chain innovation and sustainability.

Program Benefits

While interacting with like-minded peers and leaders, 

  • Learn interconnected techniques for managing supply chain flows on a short and long-term basis while incorporating global strategy 
  • Master diverse, interconnected focus areas that propel and prepare you for other roles and responsibilities within your organization
  • Gain new insights on strategy, sustainability, idea execution, and supply chains that prepare you to lead and direct cross-functional teams
Program Outcomes
  • Be able to integrate personal and professional objectives to create immediate transformation within an organization and with suppliers
  • Be able to create business models that stimulate ideas for competitive advantage 
  • Prepare for, avert and mitigate supply chain and environmental disruptions
  • Understand how to create and implement quantifiable and attainable business cases for sustainability that enhance corporate performance and business growth

About the Rutgers Mini-MBA

Rutgers Mini-MBA™ programs bring practitioners from different organizations and industries together in a rich and diverse learning environment, designed to develop skills and capabilities through the powerful combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction. Participants can earn a variety of credits and certifications from RBSEE programs, including academic graduate credit from Rutgers Business School.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for leaders looking to create and lead strategies that will assist their organizations in becoming lean and sustainable with efficient supply chains.


Featuring 3 aligned Mini-MBA programs (covering over 105 hours), this Advanced Lean Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies program provides the strategic tools to create lean initiatives that impact the global supply chain and the global environment.

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