Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers helps individuals understand the core elements of finance with a focus on real world applications. Understanding, preparing and presenting financial information is a fact of professional life, regardless of your functional role or industry. This presents challenges to those without formal background or training in finance. This course will give you very hands-on, practical guidance on how to deal with the financial data in your day-to-day work.

You will be better able to interpret financial statements, apply financial tools, arrive at strategic and operational decisions, prepare forecasts and budgets, and present all of this information to your management. It will also help you work more effectively with your Corporate Finance department, and help you understand how the finances of your department, brand or product fit into the bigger picture in your organization. You will also be better able to manage your team members who have direct responsibility for financial analysis and reporting.

Program Benefits
  • Gain high-level perspective on how organizations make decisions about which products or projects to pursue
  • Be prepared to participate in multifunctional teams where a thorough understanding of corporate finance is assumed
  • Learn in a rigorous academic environment and earn a program certificate, demonstrating mastery of new skills
Program Outcomes
  • Learn to read and understand financial statements and reports on a product, departmental and organizational level
  • Master budgeting and projection skills in order to gain influence and have your ideas move forward
  • Prepare yourself to speak with confidence and knowledge with the financial professionals in your organization
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Faculty Spotlight

John Longo

Professor of Professional Practice

Dr. Longo is Professor of Professional Practice in the Finance & Economics Department at Rutgers Business School, and Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for Beacon Trust, a registered investment advisor with $2.3 billion under management. At Beacon, he is part of a team that manages a series of mutual...

Who Should Attend

Finance for Non-Financial Managers is an excellent fit for leaders and individual contributors who have never had the benefit of formal financial education, but require financial acumen to be fully effective at work. This includes product managers, team leaders, anybody with responsibility for P&L, and managers of financial professionals who do not fully understand what their team members do. Regardless of the kind of organization you work for, if you ever need to read a financial statement, prepare a budget or P&L statement, or issue projections, this course is for you!


This 3 day course consists of modules covering Financial Statements, Tools for Financial Decision Making, Preparing and Presenting Forecasts, and Evaluating Potential Investments. It concludes with a Capstone Project that presents a real-world situation which you address using the knowledge you have gained during the course.

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