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Mini-MBA: Innovation for Corporate Enterprises

18 Mar

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Advancements in technology and competition have increased the need for innovation. More and more companies are looking for individuals who can propel them beyond their status quo into new and exciting territories. The Mini-MBA: Innovation for Corporate Enterprises (ICE) takes a fresh approach to helping leaders and managers learn how to keep their companies innovative and competitive at all levels within organizations of all sizes.

Program Benefits
  • Through an experiential learning process, participants will focus on entrepreneurial efforts for corporations and non-profits 
  • Dynamic curriculum built on both unstructured and structured global strategies designed to present learning and develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to create current and future opportunities 
  • Explore strategies for achieving buy-in and gaining support for new or reframed initiatives and evaluating different approaches to promote and implement a vision
Program Outcomes
  • Learn to communicate and lead an innovative, collaborative team; use new skills to align ideas from multiple, diverse sources to promote organizational growth
  • Be able to cultivate, drive and demonstrate innovative leadership and cultural changes within your organization learn specific tools and techniques to achieve these goals
  • Be able to identify and mitigate risk factors 

About the Rutgers Mini-MBA

Rutgers Mini-MBA™ programs bring practitioners from different organizations and industries together in a rich and diverse learning environment, designed to develop skills and capabilities through the powerful combination of expert class instruction and peer interaction. Participants can earn a variety of credits and certifications from RBSEE programs, including academic graduate credit from Rutgers Business School.

Rutgers Business School Livingston Campus location

Faculty Spotlight

Mukesh Patel

Instructor of Professional Practice

Professor Mukesh Patel is a serial entrepreneur with experience in private equity, angel investments, business law, and education. He teaches in both the Rutgers Business School Executive Education and Executive MBA programs. 

Who Should Attend

Our Mini-MBA: Innovation for Corporate Enterprise (ICE) is designed for leaders, managers or anyone seeking to implement innovative ideas from the top down or bottom up of an organization and drive real change based on new ideas, even when resources are limited.  


Featuring 10 modules over a five day course, this program leads participants through, practical, faculty led instruction and interactive exercise and assignments designed to unlock the door to creativity and competitive advantage.

  • Creativity: Learn the art and science of creativity and the latest insights from neuroscience. 
  • Ideation: Learn about the impact of space, culture, process, and methods on Ideation, and conclude by discussing transforming ideas into business models using Lean Methodology and various business model frameworks.
  • Culture Code: Learn about a model for designing an effective corporate culture that supports the company to achieve and retain the title of one of the “Best Places to Work.” Module includes case studies of companies that have achieved the most desirable corporate culture, and it will cover the comparison of Corporate Culture vs. Strategy for determining corporate outcomes.

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