Mini-MBA: Innovation for Corporate Enterprises Curriculum


In this module, students will learn how to unleash and incentivize the creative mindset. We will present case studies from the world’s most creative companies. We will also talk about the art and science of creativity and the latest insights from neuroscience.


In this module students will discuss models of Idea Generation including Divergent and Convergent Thinking. We’ll identify a multi-disciplinary approach to ideation - finding opportunities by connecting the dots across industries, companies, divisions, units, product lines. We will talk about the impact of space, culture, process, and methods on Ideation, and conclude by discussing transforming ideas into business models using Lean Methodology and various business model frameworks.

Culture Code

In this module, students will learn about a model for designing an effective corporate culture that supports the company to achieve and retain the title of one of the “Best Places to Work.” There will be case studies of companies that have achieved the most desirable corporate culture, and it will cover the comparison of Corporate Culture vs. Strategy for determining corporate outcomes.

Innovation Models and Frameworks

This module will address models of Innovation and Sustainable Innovation; challenges of Innovation and how to overcome them; Case studies of the most innovative companies in various industries; Intrapreneurship and Innovation; Tools and methodologies to move innovations from idea to adoption; Why good managers are often bad innovators; The Innovator’s Method and Lean Startup principles; frameworks to evaluate innovations in order to determine if they will create long-term value for your organization.

Process and Due Diligence

This module will introduce process frameworks, and then will move on to cover a Due Diligence Checklist. It will discuss Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and will include Case Studies to illustrate the points being raised.

Strategic Partnerships and Diversity

This module will begin with a presentation on various potential Models of Strategic Partnerships, and will discuss the benefits the challenges of collaboration. It will cover how companies create and take advantage of collaborative partnership, including ones between large corporations and the startup ecosystem to create a more innovative company and to innovate at a faster pace for competitive advantage. It will then discuss how to engage and empower diversified talent.


This module will focus on Entrepreneurial insights for corporations and non-profits, and will discuss how to attract and cultivate intrapreneurial talent. It will include case studies and best-practices.

Selling the Idea

This module is based on the reality that you might have the greatest ideas in the world but without the ability to effectively sell those ideas to other stakeholders, you will not succeed. Learn the fundamentals of influencing people and selling ideas including effective strategies and tactics that work.

Growth Hacking

This module defines and explores Growth Hacking, which is all about learning how to do more with less. Learn how to build a self-perpetuating marketing machine. Learn the tools, channels and mindsets of successful growth hackers. Learn how to create a billion dollar brand with little to no marketing budget.

Work Space Design

This module addresses the ways in which the design of physical space affects attitudes, behaviors and productivity. We will explore these elements as they relate to workplace design: Physical Spaces; Inspirational Environments; Interior Design; Work-Flow; Productivity; Best Places to Work.

Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility

This module explores the way in which corporate leadership sets the stage for cultures of innovation and prioritizes social responsibility. We will discuss Models of Corporate Leadership to develop and support happy and thriving employees, teams and customers, and learn modules of corporate leadership. We will explore methods of Social Innovation and Social Impact Investing.


This module addresses the concept and imperative of disruption. It will delve into elements of Disruptive Innovation and participants will learn how to disrupt before being disrupted. Case studies of companies in various industries that have been disrupted by their competition and startups, as well as companies that doing the disruption, will be included as well.

Program Overview

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