Basic Organizational and Supervisory Skills

First time supervisors face unique challenges that their work experience may not have thoroughly prepared them for, even when promoted from within.  Building effective leadership and management skills on the frontline is critical to an organization’s success.

The Rutgers Basic Organizational and Supervisory Skills (BOSS) program is designed to effectively address the areas most impactful to the thoughts and actions of new and emerging leaders:

  • Setting Goals
  • Change Management in a Changing World
  • Communications
  • Performance Management for Retention and Growth
  • Collaboration and Cross-functional Teams
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management


Our weekly format allows for time to absorb concepts and practice skills, while returning to the faculty and cohort for feedback and encouragement.  Eight modules and one virtual office hour are delivered over 7 weeks (four full days of presentations and immersive activities in a fun and engaging environment).

Cost: $2495