Business Management Program for Military and Veterans - Meet the Faculty (Washington, D.C.)

About Dr.  Rajshree Agarwal 

Rajshree received a Master's in Economics from Bombay University, India, then went to Buffalo for a PhD in Economics. That first year, she experienced what "spring fever" really meant.  Rajshree started as an assistant professor in Economics at the University of Central Florida, and moved to the University of Illinois, College of Business to focus on strategy and entrepreneurship in 2001.  The University of Illinois bestowed the honor of "University Scholar" in 2009, for overall excellence in research, teaching and engagement in the development of new programs in entrepreneurship and management for scientists and engineers. She moved to the University of Maryland in 2010, as the Dean's Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Rajshree has received many awards for teaching, at all levels, but her favorite class to teach is at the EMBA level.  Rajshree has been married to Robert Tronetti, her best friend, for 18 years. She has two daughters Tara (15 going on 21!), and Alisha (13, going on either 18 or 5, depending on the mood of the day!), and a huge German Sheppard (101 pounds, but would like to be a lap dog!).  She loves to go camping (aka hiking and sitting by the fire next to a nice trailer, but not roughing it!), and playing volleyball.

About Dr.  Hank Boyd

Hank Boyd is a noted educator and business consultant. Recently, he served as the Associate Chair of the Department of Marketing at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. He is also a managing director and principal at Ombudsman LLC, a diversified consultancy. He is licensed to practice law in Maryland, Wisconsin, and the U.S. District Court, Western District of Wisconsin.  Dr. Boyd received his Ph.D. in Marketing from Duke University (with an emphasis in Consumer Behavior) and his J.D. in Intellectual Property from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At the age of 24, he received his MBA in Marketing from the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to graduate study, he obtained his A.B. in Chemistry (with an emphasis in Biophysics) from Princeton University.  Dr. Boyd’s areas of expertise include biotechnology, consumer behavior, business consulting, pharmaceutical sales, advertising, and market research. His research has been published in Marketing Letters, Psychology & Marketing, and Journal of Advertising Research. He has served as an ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Marketing Research. He has critiqued pedagogical approaches found in marketing textbooks for such leading publishing houses as CENGAGE, Prentice Hall, and Thomson South-Western.  During the course of his academic career, Dr. Boyd has taught over 15,000 students the intricacies of marketing theory and practice. 

About Dr.  Michael Faulkender

Michael Faulkender’s research focuses on empirical corporate finance in the areas of capital structure, risk management, corporate liquidity, and executive compensation. His work has been published in the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Review of Financial Studies and has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and The New York Times. He was awarded the Barclay’s Global Investors / Michael Brennan Best Paper Award in the Review of Financial Studies in 2013, was runner up for that prize in 2006, and won the Jensen Prize for Corporate Finance – Second Prize in the Journal of Financial Economics in 2013. Professor Faulkender teaches classes in the MBA, Master of Finance, and EMBA programs at the Smith school. 

About Dr.  Karin Hurt

Karin Hurt is a leadership speaker, consultant and MBA professor at University of Maryland. She is a former Verizon Wireless executive with two decades of diverse cross-functional experience in sales, customer service and HR. Hurt was named as a top 100 Thought Leader in Trustworthy Business Behavior by Trust Across America. She is author of, Overcoming an Imperfect Boss: A Practical Guide to Building a Better Relationship with Your Boss. She knows the stillness of yogi, the reflective road of a marathoner and the joy of being a mom raising emerging leaders.

About Dr. Farrokh K. Langdana 

Farrokh K. Langdana  is a professor of finance and economics and the Director of the Rutgers Executive MBA Program. His areas of specialization include monetary and fiscal theory and international economics. His research deals with macroeconomic experimentation and the role of stabilization policy in an expectations-driven economy. He has published several articles as well as four books in this area. His most recent book is Macroeconomic Policy: Demystifying Monetary and Fiscal Policy. Dr. Langdana is the recipient of the Horace dePodwin Research Award as well as over twenty teaching awards that include the Rutgers University-wide Warren I. Susman Award and the School of Business' Paul Nadler Award for Excellence in Teaching.

About Dr. Alonford Robinson 

Dr. Robinson is Chairman and CEO of Symphonic Strategies™ Inc., a research, training, and consulting firm that specializes in solving collective action challenges. Symphonic Strategies™ works with people from all walks of life to help them lead and transform the organizations and communities around them.  Dr. Robinson leads a team of diverse and gifted individuals who specialize in crafting compelling messages, researching the ideal state, developing agile leadership, cultivating social enterprise, searching for interdisciplinary insights, mapping political ecosystems, engineering collective action, and incubating social movements. Their clients include leaders in the public and private sectors, with a focus on national philanthropic organizations and large public agencies in the federal government.  Throughout his career, Dr. Robinson has advised and worked with leaders in public and private sectors all around the world. Among the departments and agencies he has worked with at the federal, state, and local levels include the USDA, FDA, Health and Human Services, Transportation, Customs & Border Protection, Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs, Office of Naval Intelligence, PBGA, Administrative Office of the Courts, Corporation for National and Community Service, and more.  Dr. Robinson holds a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard University and dual bachelor’s degrees in social psychology and political science from Stanford University. 

About Joe Schaffer

Joe Schaffer is the Associate Dean of Executive Education at Rutgers Business School. He has responsibility for all of RBSEE’s activities and works closely with organizations in the design, deployment, and evaluation of customized educational programs. An active member of the International University Consortium for Executive Education (UNICON), Joe has over thirty years of experience in leadership, management, and human resources. Prior to joining Rutgers, he was Vice president of Human Resources for a global organization of 160,000 people operating in over 200 countries, which was ranked #13 globally by Fortune in the area of leadership development.  Joe was also a lecturer in the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, where he taught courses on Developing Human Capital and Performance Management. Joe earned a Master’s in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University and holds a Post Graduate Award in Business and Management from the Warwick Business School in the U.K.

About Dr.  Oliver Schlake 

Ralph E. Tyser Teaching Fellow & Senior Executive Teaching Fellow, University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.  Dr. Oliver Schlake is a Tyser Teaching Fellow at Robert H. Smith School of Business, a senior business consultant, entrepreneur and researcher. His publications and research on scenario-based strategic planning and innovation strategy have been featured in leading academic and practitioner journals worldwide. Oliver has been an international management consultant and strategic advisor for leading companies and government agencies in Europe and North-America. Prior to joining the Smith School he was Assistant Professor for E-Business at National University, San Diego and CEO for German based consulting firm Scenario Management International (ScMI AG).

About Dr.  Gerald Suarez

Dr. Gerald Suarez is Professor of the Practice in Systems Thinking and Design, and Lockheed Martin Visiting Technical Fellow at University of Maryland. Prior to joining the Robert H. Smith School of Business, Gerald served for 11 years at the White House during the Clinton and Bush administrations. He was appointed Director of Presidential Quality -- the first such post in the institution’s history. He traveled aboard Air Force One and Presidential helicopters in numerous missions worldwide. Prior to his White House assignments, he worked for the Office of the Under Secretary of the Navy. Gerald holds a master's degree and a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico. He is an avid Tennis player, Basketball Coach and loves Kayaking, Yoga and Running. He lives in Virginia with his wife and three children.

About Dr.  Joseph Thomas

Dr. Joseph Thomas is the Academic Director for the CBP Leadership Institute, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. Joe is also the President and CEO of The Student-Leader Seminar. He has studied, researched, and taught leadership and ethics for over 20 years in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. A retired Marine, he is the past Director of the John A. Lejeune Leadership Institute and has taught at Notre Dame, the University of Maryland, US Naval Academy, and National Outdoor Leadership School. Joe’s education includes master’s degrees from Syracuse University and US Army War College, a PhD from George Mason University, and Certificate in Public Leadership from the Brookings Institution.