Apply Modern Methods to Your Marketing Strategy
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Mini-MBA™: Strategic Marketing

At the core of every business is the need to obtain, grow and retain customers. The marketing function has always been concerned with understanding and delivering value to customers. As such, it has had to reinvent itself frequently to keep up with new technologies and changing customer expectations in the face of increased global competition and a flattening world. The Rutgers Mini-MBA™: Strategic Marketing program provides a comprehensive examination of the latest marketing tools, methods and strategies for generating and growing customer value. Delivered in a highly interactive, hands-on setting, participants complete the course with a working knowledge of the material, ready to apply it at their company.

In addition to learning marketing concepts and tools, participants begin developing marketing plans that:

  • Analyze and understand customer segments and the drivers of customer behavior
  • Are based on the competitive landscape and the drivers of the firm’s competitive advantage
  • Identify trends and shifts in the industry and possible strategic partnerships
  • Provide an implementation schedule, with measurable outcomes and a detailed action plan

Program Benefits

This Mini-MBA™ will allow you to evaluate marketing strategies and provide a solid grasp of the core concepts and tools of contemporary marketing management. The nine sessions of the program will cover all of the diverse aspects of modern-day marketing. Key topics address:|

  • Analyzing market opportunities and risks
  • Understanding the buying process and determining customer needs
  • Creating a foundation for marketing success by segmenting the market, assessing competitors, and positioning products
  • Developing an integrated marketing strategy, including distribution channels, partnerships, and marketing communications
  • Maximizing company profitability through optimal pricing
  • Developing and measuring corporate nimbleness
  • Discovering new markets and driving innovation within the marketing process


$3,995 per program.


This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for those receiving unemployment benefits. Contact us for more information.