Learn the ins and outs of Mobile Marketing
This Program is Offered Online

Mobile Marketing: Leveraging the Screens that Matter

It's official! There are more mobile phones in the world than there are people. At a time when the power to choose lies firmly in the hands of consumers (and, coincidentally, so do mobile devices), what are the need-to-know items for leveraging mobile for business success?

Through this online program, we'll dive beyond the simple basics of mobile to offer a closer look into the strategic and tactical considerations that are shaping mobile marketing programs, including:

  • Assessing the core elements of a mobile strategy framework
  • Creating more relevant and useful mobile interactions
  • Choosing between mobile apps, responsive web, and mobile sites
  • Leveraging mobile advertising opportunities (such as location-based targeting and native advertising)
  • Measuring the impact of mobile initiatives

If you are interested in peeling back the next layer of mobile marketing information, are currently working on building a mobile strategy for your company, product, or service, or maybe aren't currently working in marketing but you simply want to expand your knowledge of the mobile space, this is the program for you!


Program Format

This 8-week program is delivered online, is comprised of four parts, and features four expert instructors within the mobile space.


Program Highlights

  • Go beyond the strictly theoretical as it relates to mobile marketing
  • Interact with our esteemed program faculty through dedicated "office hour" sessions
  • Receive Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the program



$1,995 per program