Mobile Marketing: Leveraging the Screens that Matter - Curriculum

Module 1: Mobile Strategy in a Digital World

The number of mobile screens in the world now exceeds the total of our global population. The mobile imperative is clear, but how can you be present and relevant across an ever-expanding array of devices, interfaces, and touchpoints?

In this strategy-driven module, we will discuss how and why the key to mobile success lies in applying the concepts of being fast, agile, and contextual to everything that you do as a marketer.

Key Takeaways:
  • Essential elements of a mobile strategy framework
  • The new “4 Ps” of marketing: portability, personalization, proximity, and presence
  • Use cases for mobile throughout the customer journey, and the assets needed at each stage


Module 2: UX, Mobile Apps & the Responsive Web

Digital experiences increasingly undergird the moments of brand truth which build valuable customer relationships. This module addresses how firms can gain advantage by more closely aligning with customers to create more useful mobile interactions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ways that “tactical” journey mapping can drive strategic focus
  • Five ways mobile interactions increase the value of relationships
  • Choosing between mobile apps, responsive web, and mobile sites
  • The three core mobile mindsets, and how they influence the business model behind a mobile effort
  • Team roles, budgeting, and app marketing advice
  • Using the DX7™ digital experience imperatives to navigate mobile change


Module 3: Mobile Marketing/Advertising

Did you know that mobile ad revenue is growing at a faster rate than all other types of digital advertising? A substantial – and growing – share of consumers access digital content from a smartphone or tablet. Marketers are rapidly adopting multi-screen paid media strategies to effectively reach them, using dynamic tools and technologies such as location-based targeting, augmented reality applications, native advertising, and programmatic buying. This module will provide a rich overview of the mobile advertising space, including common strategies and tactics.

Key Takeaways:
  • Overview of the mobile advertising market
  • Mobile ad units and formats
  • Ad serving and ad targeting on mobile devices
  • Buying and selling mobile advertising
  • Pricing and measurement of mobile ads
  • The future of mobile advertising


Module 4: Measurement, Analytics & ROI

The field of mobile analytics and ROI is still evolving, making it both a challenging and exciting area to tackle.

Through application of best practices and case studies, this module is designed to arm participants with a deeper understanding of mobile analytics in order to successfully measure the impact of mobile programs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The effect of the mobile internet on the breadth and depth of a firm's overall marketing strategy
  • Key consumer use cases across a range of activities
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of building mobile content to maximize consumer impact
  • Deploying mobile analytics to support business objectives
  • Integrating mobile into marketing activities in other channels, and vice versa
  • Establishing relevant KPIs for mobile campaigns