Military to Main Street

Online Mini-MBA™: Business Management for Military and Veterans

The Online Mini-MBA™: Business Management for Military and Veterans program offers an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in a challenging civilian business environment. This program uniquely mixes veterans, transitioning military personnel, and civilian employers in the same classroom to provide all with a better understanding of how to capitalize upon years of military training, and how the knowledge and skills gained apply to a civilian workplace.  It is highly interactive and features focused learning experiences centered on subject areas vital to a successful shift to a business career. By examining and discussing personal examples and case studies, recent veterans, current military personnel anticipating transition in the short term, and civilian managers will acquire a solid foundation in current business theory and practice.  After completing this program, all participants – veteran and civilian – will have a solid framework for productively adapting in the workplace.


Program Benefits

The Online Mini-MBA™: Business Management for Military and Veterans program serves multiple audiences, leaving each better equipped to make sound business decisions regarding issues affecting their companies – and their careers.

This program has been approved by the State Approving Agency and the Veterans Administration. Funding may be available for those eligible to receive GI Bill educational benefits.



$4,995 per program