Online Mini-MBA™: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

The practice of marketing is subject to continuous evolution and transformation. Never before have marketing professionals been confronted with such a complex set of tools and channels. Couple this with the fact that today’s marketing objectives hinge on reaching the right customer at the right time and place in order to meet sales goals and achieve a positive return on marketing investment (ROMI). These goals cannot be met if marketing departments function – or are viewed - as a siloed team. The value of, and need for, integrated marketing communications (IMC) cannot be understated.

Spanning multiple communications channels and disciplines, IMC is a fundamental approach to building agile marketing strategies (across both traditional and digital media) that achieve buy-in throughout the organization, align with overall business objectives, and proactively engage today’s “omnichannel consumer”.  

Through practical application of IMC best practices and analysis of trends in the space, this Mini-MBA program will provide participants with an actionable framework for adopting an IMC approach, including an evaluation of:

  • Why it is no longer feasible to create and execute an annual brand marketing plan given the rapidly changing ways in which consumers and retailers are embracing new technologies and obtaining information
  • The evolution of the media environment
  • How to work with various internal departments and external partners and agencies to maximize brand resources and make effective budget allocation decisions
  • The results that can be reaped from IMC, including: increases in sales, decreasing costs, efficiency gains, improved business relationships
  • How to develop a B2B or B2C “communications plan”, formerly called a media plan
  • The ways in which to create and execute a brand marketing plan that links consumers’ new path to purchase with your brand’s business objectives



$3495 per program

This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for those receiving unemployment benefits. Contact us for more information.