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Online Mini-MBA™: Social Media for the Arts

This course will give anybody with an interest in the arts a strong understanding of how social media is fundamental to promoting the arts in our contemporary environment. You will learn why marketing is important to the arts. In this course, you will gain a broad conceptual understanding of overall marketing theories as well as practical skills in using the latest marketing concepts and tools.

The social media toolkit allows artists and arts managers to effectively identify their target audience, communicate with that audience, and promote their work in both broad and narrow ways. The course covers core marketing principles, which are essential to any individual striving to promote any work or service. The course then moves into social media topics such as Website strategy, blogging and microblogging, Facebook and Twitter strategies, video campaigns and mobile marketing tactics.

This program addresses questions such as:

  • How much should I invest in social media?
  • What are the best social media strategies and tactics to employ?
  • How can I measure and track social media?
  • How can I integrate social media into the overall marketing plan?
  • How can individuals employ social media to better promote their artistic endeavors?

Participants gain the knowledge, experience and practical skills to immediately apply their learning in a real-world environment.

Program Benefits

This online Mini-MBA™ certificate program helps participants design, manage, and track social media campaigns for the arts, artists, or artistic endeavors. It provides the theory behind social media and explores the levers that influence its effectiveness. Participants will gain practical skills and learn the latest technical tools through online exercises and hands-on projects.

Key topics include:

  • Analyzing social media marketing opportunities for the arts
  • Exploring the behavioral and psychological factors that drive social media
  • Understanding how to form and optimize social networks for the arts
  • Designing effective communication strategies of social networks
  • Implementing measurement strategies to track and measure the ROI of social media
  • Discovering new social media technologies and learning how and when to employ them


$3,995 per program.