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Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting Program

This innovative graduate degree program was designed for graduating college accounting majors who intend to become CPAs and need to earn 30 additional college credits to satisfy the new "150 hours" requirement for professional accounting certification.  If a student is admitted in the summer, classes are on a full-time basis and on a part-time basis in the fall and spring.  These students can complete the full-time courses prior to pursuing their full-time job opportunities in late summer or early fall and complete the part-time courses thereafter. If a student is admitted in the fall or the spring, classes are on a part-time basis in those semesters. These students will have to complete the full-time courses in the subsequent summer.

The RBS masters program differs from other programs because it is designed to provide flexibility for both students and accounting firms.  Accounting graduates admitted into the program in the summer can complete 70 percent of the degree requirement prior to joining the firm.  The remaining courses can be taken on a part-time basis.  This permits students who graduate from college in the spring and are willing to go to school on a full-time basis in the summer to begin their careers in the fall of the same year.

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International Students and Non-Accounting Majors

International students and non-accounting majors are encouraged to enroll in the Rutgers Business School MBA in Professional Accounting Program.