Summer Start Program

Get an early start on your MBA through Summer Start

Summer Start is an innovative program designed to help admitted MBA students begin realizing their leadership potential while getting an early start on their course work.

For Summer Start, MBA Admissions handpicks a small group of students whose communication skills and leadership potential are key strengths and who would benefit from an early start; some have been out of school longer than the average student, others have proven track records but in less traditional professions, while others will benefit from extra academic programming prior to the fall. What the students all have in common is a demonstrated capacity for and commitment to leadership, and a passion for Rutgers Business School.

The program begins on May 30th and concludes 2 weeks before orientation in August.


Consideration for Summer Start

Admission to the program is by invitation only. For students admitted to Summer Start, participation is mandatory. It is an academic program, and all of our academic programs require attendance and participation.


Program Content

International students will enroll in one foundation course (Business Communications or International Business) along with our Program in American Language Studies (PALS) program. The PALS program focuses on strengthening English speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, while expanding practical skills such as professional networking, public speaking and giving presentations, analyzing business publications, conducting meetings, interviews, negotiations, writing persuasively, and other critical proficiencies.

Additionally, in order to prepare for the rigors of our MBA program, all incoming Full-Time MBA students are expected to successfully complete a series of on-line MBA Essentials modules before the start of classes. These modules include: Math Boot Camp, Statistics, Calculus, Finance I & II, Accounting, and Microeconomics. Students will receive a link via email to the modules after they have paid a non-refundable tuition deposit and orientation fee.   

(Please note that the content and structure of the Summer Start program is subject to change.)


Program Cost and Financial Assistance

Summer Start students are required to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit of $1,000 to reserve a place in the program. For international students, the tuition and fees for the Summer term will be $4,265.25 for the foundation course and about $2,000 for the PALS program. Please note this fee is in addition to tuition fees for the standard academic year, and is not included in Fall and Spring semester tuition costs.

Students may reach out to the Financial Aid office for more information concerning loans and paying for your education.

(Please note that the costs for the Summer Start program are subject to change.)


Health Insurance and Housing

RBS Health insurance is available during the summer. Limited on-campus housing is also available for the Summer term.


Orientation and Fall Semester

At the end of the summer term, Summer Start students join the entering class for the mandatory 2-week orientation and then begin the fall semester. Summer Start students are well-equipped not only for their academic and career development activities, but also to take active leadership roles in the Rutgers Business School community.

Please contact the RBS Office of Graduate Admissions at for more information.