Full-Time MBA First-Year Experience

The MBA Office of Career Management (OCM) provides an intensive First-Year Experience for students enrolled in the Full-Time MBA Program to help them become competitive MBA candidates for the summer internship search in their first year and the full-time job search in their second. The First-Year includes the Career Management Program and On-Campus Recruitment Program.


Career Management Program

The Career Management Program (CMP) is a required, non-credit-bearing course for all first-year students in the Full-Time MBA Program; it begins in the summer and ends in the fall semester.  The CMP introduces students to the career management process for obtaining summer internships in their first year and full-time opportunities in the second year. A Satisfactory grade in the CMP is required for participation in the On-Campus Recruiting Program and for meeting the graduation requirements of the Full-Time MBA program.


On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR)

The On-Campus Recruiting Program consists of Corporate Presentations, On-Campus Interviews, and Meet & Greets that employers schedule to target Rutgers MBA students for summer internships in their first year and full-time positions in their section:

  • Corporate Presentations: OCM encourages companies to conduct on- or off-campus corporate presentations to market their full-time and summer internship opportunities to Rutgers MBA students.
  • Meet & Greets: A Meet & Greet is a career-fair-style event that allows an employer to meet exclusively with our MBA students. No other employers are present.
  • On-Campus Interviews: As a service to employers and students, OCM invites recruiters to interview students on campus for full-time and summer internship opportunities. Employers select applicants that best meet their recruiting needs.