Additional Instructions for MQF Students

Degree Completeness Form

MQF students must file a Degree Completeness Form with the Program's office by e-mailing Jane Foss ( Please be sure to select the proper form from the list. Degree Completeness forms are due 3 weeks prior to the following deadlines:

If you plan to graduate:

  • January: Deadline is November 1st
  • May: Deadline is March 1st



Q. When will I get my graduation tickets and how many will I receive? Do you have extra tickets? 

A. You will receive a separate email with information and instructions on picking up tickets from this office. Currently, each student will receive 4 guest tickets. Each guest, whether it is an adult or a child, will require a ticket. We do not have additional tickets to offer students. Receipt of tickets is contingent upon returning locker keys (if applicable) and completing the MQF Exit Survey. 

Q. When will I receive my diploma?

A. Diplomas can either be mailed or picked up in person at the University Registrar’s Office in Newark. Diplomas are not issued through the MQF program office. 

  • January Graduates: diplomas are available in early April.
  • May Graduates: diplomas are available in the middle of July.

Q. What type of degree will my diploma say I earned? 

A. Master of Quantitative Finance

Q. Can I participate in the ceremony if I am missing one class?

A. No. In order to participate in graduation ceremonies, MQF students must have successfully completed all coursework and have no remaining or outstanding requirements. 

Q. How can I verify completion of my degree, before obtaining my diploma?

A. To request an Interim Certificate (before printing of the diploma), please send your request via fax to 973-353-1357, or mail your request to the attention of Marie Diaz-Torres, Rutgers Newark Registrar or Paula Cuoto, Assistant Registrar at the Newark Registrar’s Office, 249 University Ave., Newark, NJ, 07102.


Graduation Checklist

  • Complete and submit the Online Diploma Application by the DEADLINE
  • Download, complete, and submit the Degree Completeness Form to the MQF program 3 weeks prior to the final DEADLINE
  • Check your on-line transcript for any temporary/incomplete grades, missing credits, low GPA, etc.
  • Check and Clear
    • Overdue library books and fines
    • Parking tickets
    • Financial Holds/Any other outstanding financial obligations to the University
  • Return locker keys to the MQF program office, 1 Washington Park, Room 1111B, Newark, NJ (if applicable). Per the locker application, students will be responsible for costs associated with replacing lost keys and/or locks. A hold will be placed on the student's account and diplomas will not be issued until a key is returned and/or fees are paid. 


If you plan to attend the Convocation Ceremony, you must...

a) Order your regalia—Cap, Gown, Hood, Stole of Gratitude, and Tassel by the DEADLINE March 21.

  • Pre-order your regalia, the complete Master Unit, online.
  • To pre-order your gowns go to:, then select Rutgers University Newark, then select Rutgers Business School – Graduate, then select degree as Master. Your graduation date is May 20, 2016, but you may order your regalia under the May 18th Rutgers University Newark Commencement listing if you can't find the May 20th choice.
  • Once you have completed the order you will receive an email confirmation. If you have any questions or need assistance contact the bookstore in Newark at 973-353-5377 or via email at The web site will be up until March 21. You may place your order through 11:59PM on March 21.
  • We highly recommend that you pre-order a gown even if you are not sure you will attend. You will pay for the gown when you pick it up.
  • There is no fee to pre-order. Any gowns that are not picked up will be returned to the vendor and students will not be charged.
  • Any student that does not place their order by March 21 will be able to purchase their gown at the Barnes & Noble at Rutgers-Newark Bookstore (Bradley Hall) starting April 27.  However, there is no guarantee that the size of gown you need will be available, this is another reason why we recommend pre-ordering your regalia.
  • Cost of Regalia - COMPLETE Master Unit $105.92
    • Individual pieces:
      Master Gown $53.98 
      Hood $37.98
      Caps $6.98
      Tassel $6.98

Contact Information for the Barnes & Noble bookstore

Newark Campus

Purchase your regalia in person from April 27 until May 19 
Barnes & Noble at Rutgers-Newark
ph. 973-353-5377
fax 973-353-1623
Wilda Silva

Livingston Campus

Purchase your regalia in person from April 27 until May 19
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
100 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(“0” for the Operator)
Contact Information for the bookstore:
Jennifer Larsen, Assistant Manager

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