What Parents and Visitors Should Know

Q. Where do I park?

A. Campus parking will be FREE for all graduates and their guests. Parking will be available at Deck I at 200 University Avenue and Deck II at 166 Washington Street. Guests will need to walk over to NJPAC, at One Center St., from their respective parking lot. Parking is also available at NJPAC. Each of these lots contain special parking locations for handicapped patrons. Prices for NJPAC parking lots range between $14.00 - $18.00.

Q. How long will the convocation last?

A. The convocation will be approximately 2 hours and begins at 4 pm sharp. All graduates will have their names announced as they walk across the stage to be greeted by the Dean and their respective Program Directors.

Q. What if we have guests and family members with special needs attending the convocation?

A. Guests with special needs should be dropped off near the entrance of NJPAC at or soon after 3:00pm.  NJPAC ushers will direct ticketed guests and their families with special needs to a designated location.  Only the person(s) accompanying the guest with special needs when they enter NJPAC will be seated with that guest.

Q. Can I take pictures/video?

A. Yes, you can take pictures/video from your designated seat. Guests are requested to remain in their seats during the entire ceremony and should respect the rights of others to view the ceremony in its entirety. Guests cannot block the aisles for any reason.

Q. Can I bring balloons into the convocation?

A. No, balloons are not permitted inside NJPAC.

Q. Can I bring flowers into the convocation?

A. Yes, flowers are permitted inside NJPAC.