Academic Courses

Honor Pledge & Academic Integrity 

Ethics is a critical issue that must be made an integral part of any organization’s culture. Here at Rutgers Business School (RBS), we must ensure that our students have a solid foundation that is grounded in integrity and respect of basic ethical principles.  Rutgers University, in conjunction with the RBS Committee, has established an Honor Code that states:

 “I pledge, on my honor, that I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this examination (assignment).” 

The Pledge is a required component of RBS syllabi.  In the future, students may be required to write and sign the Honor Pledge on every major paper, examination and assignment.  This Honor Pledge will not displace, modify or amend the standards and procedures set forth in the Rutgers University Code of Student Conduct,, but simply suggest a higher set of standards to which RBS students adhere.  


MBA Course: Personal and Leadership Development

Personal and Leadership Development is a graduate course at Rutgers Business School designed to help students develop the necessary skills needed to serve as successful senior executives in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector. Through case studies and presentations by nonprofit experts, the curriculum includes a survey of the sector, the role of the board and executive management, strategic planning, life and career planning, as well as other pertinent topics. This course has been part of the MBA curriculum for seven years.

Course will be offered Fall Semester 2015.


Business Forum Course

Is required for all Rutgers Business School (RBS) undergraduate students and is offered on both the New Brunswick and Newark campuses. Taught by several instructors, the Institute for Ethical Leadership is responsible for providing the students with an overview of ethical leadership.


Full-time MBA & Professional Accounting MBA Orientations

Introduces incoming business accounting students to the field of ethics.  Students are taken through an exercise that explores personal, family and organizational values, focuses on the state of ethics in our society and introduces a process for ethical decision making that ends with each student working on an action plan.