Nonprofit Leadership Development - Past Series Events

People’s Choice Day 2017 with Beth Kanter
March 21, 2017
Morning Session: The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Leader:  Strategies for Impact without Burnout
The passion that people who work for nonprofits feel for their work is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, that fervor helps them keep going in the face of difficult challenges, especially in the early stages of their careers. On the other hand, they can be so driven they don’t stop to refuel or smell the proverbial roses or even notice they are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

Afternoon Session: Technology Wellness for Nonprofit Professionals
Social media and working online doesn't have to be overwhelming; you can take back control.  This workshop explores personal productivity techniques, including the use of attention training and visualization, to combat distraction. It will also cover conscious computing tools and apps that can help lengthen your attention span and replace information overload with a sense of mindfulness. The tips and tools, once you put them into practice, will help you achieve more in less time and ultimately increase your focus and wellbeing.


Fall 2016 Capacity Building Speakers Series Materials:
Mini Board Retreat

Two days of nonprofit capacity building focused on the role of a nonprofit board, specifically around recruitment, financial management, fundraising, and leadership. Especially suited for small but mighty nonprofits.

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Spring 2016 Capacity Building Speakers Series Materials:

Non-Profit Leaders' Breakfast: Making Your Network Work For You (And Your Non-Profit) with Francine Parham

An introductory workshop and peer-to-peer roundtable discussion for Non-profit Leaders of all levels and Board Members. Join Francine Parham, leadership and professional development strategist, to discover and practice the steps you need to create the right professional network for career and organization success. By the end of the workshop you will be on your way to creating a professional network that works for you (and your organization). Includes Workshop and Peer-to-Peer Roundtable Discussion.

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Leadership, Mindfulness, and Yoga with Janine White

This two-part series lead by Janine White focuses on embodied leadership. Both weeks will guide you through elements of  yoga practice and philosophy relating to leadership qualities, encouraging both a cognitive and physical engagement with these concepts. Movement, breathing, and meditation exercises will be incorporated, as well as discussion about how leadership takes shape in our lives. Join us at the end of each workshop for finger foods and refreshments. No prior yoga experience is necessary. Modifications will be offered for participants with various levels of flexibility. Participants can attend either Leadership, Mindfulness, and Yoga workshop in the Capacity Building Series for an introduction to the subject, or both workshops for a deeper dive.

Leading from the Inside Out
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We're in this Together!
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People's Choice Day with Michael Brandwein

Michael Brandwein comes to Newark, NJ for the 2016 Capacity Building Series “People’s Choice Day” - workshops selected by people in the non-profit world, for people in non-profit the non-profit world. The morning and afternoon sessions will each consist of two dynamic, entertaining, engaging and informative 1 ½ hour workshops lead by Michael Brandwein on personal development, management, communications, and leadership. Come for half a day, or stay for a full day and attend all four workshops.

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Building Effective Collaborations with Francine Parham

Francine Parham, author, leadership and professional development strategist, returns to share to share strategies, approaches as well as introduce tools that you can use for collaborating with key partners and stakeholders in your professional network to benefit you (and your organization). Attendance in the first workshop of the 2016 Capacity Building Series, “Making Your Network Work for You (And Your Non-Profit),” is not required, however participants who attend both workshops will see continuity between the topics. The first 30 participants who register (and attend), will receive a free copy of Francine's new book, “The Ultimate Career Pocket Guide” (April 2016).

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Spring 2015 Capacity Building Speakers Series Materials:
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2013 Capacity Building Conference Materials:
The Institute for Ethical Leadership works with its partners, Partnership in Philanthropy, Pro Bono Partnership, Center for Non-Profits, Nonprofit Finance Fund and the Support Center for Nonprofit Management to design, plan and host these annual events. Click to learn about the 2013 Conference.