Participant Testimonials


"As an HR professional I wasn't sure this program would be beneficial to me. However, I learned so much that I will apply as I support my business partners in pharma."

Program Participant


“I have a strictly financial background and this was a huge help for me understanding the Pharmaceutical industry as a whole.”



“This seminar helped me connect the dots between a lot of experience I've had over

 the past 5 years in the pharmaceutical industry."

Health4Brands Catapult


“This was a wonderful general overview of the pharma industry highlighting

a number of key areas.  Presenters were energetic and passionate about their

focus area & made learning easy and fun.”

 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America

"Very informative and provided great insight into the different

facets of the pharma industry"

Program Participant

"As someone who is new to the industry, this was very helpful!"

Daiichi Sankyo


“Though I had a broad exposure to these topics before,I see the value of

such a program…”

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America