John Cantwell, PhD

  • Invited keynote speaker at the Prebem Conference on Blurring of the Boundaries of the Firm, at Nyenrode Business School, Breukelen in March 2010.
  • Invited keynote speaker at the Summer School of the Complutense University, Madrid on Innovation and Competitiveness held in El Escorial, July 2010.

Chan Choi, PhD

  • "Private Label Positioning: Quality Versus Feature Differentiation From The National Brand," (with Anne T. Coughlan) -  Presented at the AMA Winter Educators’ Conference, Austin, TX, February 2008.

Farok Contractor, PhD

  • “Firm Level Determinants of Offshoring and Outsourcing of Core Activities,” Academy of Management, Montreal, August 2010
  • “The Three-Stage Paradigm of International Expansion Revisited,” Academy of Management, Montreal, August 2010
  • “Selecting an Appropriate Offshoring Mode: The effect of Strategic Importance of the Service, Managerial Motives and Concerns,” Academy of International Business, Rio de Janeiro, June 2010
  • “The Three-Stage Paradigm of International Expansion Revisited,” Academy of International Business, Rio de Janeiro, June 2010
  • “Optimal Alliance Relationships and Governance Modes.” Lecture at the European School on New Institutional Economics (ESNIE), Ninth Session, May-June 2010, Cargese, Corsica, France.

Deborah Dougherty, PhD

  • Managing Innovation in the 21st Century International Association of Chinese Management Research, June 2010 Conference keynote Panel, Shanghai
  • Organizing Ecologies of Exploratory Innovation, Academy of Management Organization Science editors’ professional Development Workshop, August 2010, Montreal; also presented at Tilberg Conference on Innovation, Netherlands, June 2010
  • Symposium on Nascent Innovation, Academy of Management, 2010
  • Intertwining Sciences, Technologies, and Strategies in Pharmaceuticals; invited presentations at UC Irvine, April 2010; U of Ottawa, March 2010
  • “Learning from Alliances in Pharmaceuticals” - Presented at The Academy of Management’s Annual Conference (August 2007).

Scott Hemphill, PhD, JD

  • Milton Handler Lecture, Association of the Bar of the City of New York Keynote Address, Antitrust Enforcement in the Pharmaceutical Industry Symposium (University of San Francisco)
  • Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, Competition Law and Policy Conference (Fiesole, Italy) Department of Justice (DOJ)/FTC Joint Seminar ETH Zurich Workshop and Lecture Series on Intellectual Property Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Bureau of Economics Workshop Intellectual Property Scholars Conference (Berkeley) Next Generation of Antitrust Scholarship Conference (New York University) Stanford Law School “Free Lunch” Workshop University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Law and Economics Workshop Yale Law School, Law, Economics, and Organization Workshop

Sara Markowitz, PhD

  • “Antidepressants and Youth:  Harmful or Helpful?” - Presented at the first annual meeting of the American Society of Health Economists, Madison, Wisconsin, June 2006.

Robert Patrick, PhD

  • "Fair Pricing - Ethics and Dynamic Pricing:  Discussion and Comments," presented at Fair Pricing - A Conference on Ethics and Dynamic Pricing, Rutgers Business School, Newark, NJ, April 9, 2010.

Andrew Toole, PhD - Presented at:

  • University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, March 2007
  • KUL/ZEW Workshop on Innovation, Mannheim, Germany, December 2007
  • Vassar College Economics Seminar, Poughkeepsie, NY, November 2007
  • Technology Transfer Society Annual Meeting, Desert Springs, CA, October 2007
  • International Industrial Organization Society, Savannah, GA, April 2007
  • Wharton Technology Conference, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, April 2007

Yao Zhao, PhD

  • “Resell vs. Direct Models in Brand Drug Distribution”. Expeditors International, NJ (11/2009)
  • “Clinical Trial Supply Chain: Planning for Demand Failure” - Presented his paper at INFORMS 2007 in Seattle (Nov. 2007).