Rutgers MBA in Analytics and Information Management

The Analytics and Information Management MBA Concentration at Rutgers Business School provides skills to prepare students for careers in the major technical areas of Management Information Systems. In particular, courses are offered in database systems, internet security, data mining, enterprise resource planning, accounting systems, and software engineering. Students are provided hands-on instruction with state-of-the-art software. This concentration is administered by the Management Science and Information Systems Department, but technology related courses in other departments can be used for the concentration.

The concentration introduces statistics as applied to managerial problems, emphasizing conceptual understanding as well as conducting statistical analyses. Students learn the limitations and potential of statistics, gain hands-on experience using Excel, as well as comprehensive packages, such as R or SAS. Students are encouraged to take an analytic view of decision making by formalizing trade-offs, specifying constraints, providing for uncertainty, and performing sensitivity analyses.

Courses of study provide students with an understanding of database technology and its application in managing data resources. Students analyze the conceptual, logical, and physical design of databases.


Curriculum and Course Descriptions

The Analytics and Information Management (AIM) MBA curriculum is the same for both Traditional Full-Time MBA and Flex MBA students (who started in Spring 2009 or later).


Contact Information

This concentration is managed by the Department of Management Science & Information Systems.