Alfred Blake interviews the Hult Prize winning Roshni Rides team in The Huffington Post

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Newark, NJ

Huffington Post

Rutgers University is located in a region where transportation is rampant and ride-sharing options like Lyft is the primary choice for those without transportation. It does an excellent job at providing secondary or in some cases primary income for those with reliable vehicles. 

What about communities who do not have this luxury? What is the solution for these communities? Unlike many companies looking to solve a social problem, they don't come in wearing a cape but rather the garb of community members... a smile and desire to help. They aren't looking to be the saviors but rather solving a problem as fellow community members. 

I have a strong notion that Roshni Rides may be the solution and will be making impact internationally. The thoughtfulness of the Roshni team has created a solution for locations with vastly different challenges but the same goal as ride share options… to help stimulate the economy and enrich lives of all through accessibility to travel amongst refugees. With a great idea like this, it was intriguing to find out the impetus for their solution. This Rutgers super team is ready to tackle the challenge.

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