Boxed “doing a lot of things right,” said John Impellizzeri in New Jersey Monthly

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Monday, August 7, 2017
Morristown, NJ

New Jersey Monthly

"Forty months ago, we were in my garage and I had a tape gun," Huang marvels as he shows off the part of the two-mile conveyor system that seals boxes with digitally encoded tape—all the better to ensure accurate, speedy delivery.

Boxed, founded in 2013, specializes in direct shipping of bulk items like toilet paper, breakfast cereal and pet food to consumers and businesses. It is considered the first online-only retailer to seriously take on industry leader Amazon and big-box stores like Sam's Club, Costco and BJ's.

"They're doing a lot of things right," says John Impellizzeri, director of the Center for Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School. He predicts Boxed will be a huge success. "A large portion of the population has to drive 20 miles to a Sam's Club, so at some point the 55-year-old mom or dad will say, 'Do we really want to drive 40 miles and pay a membership fee?'"

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