Brett Gilbert interviewed in Strategy+Business about development of entrepreneurial communities, from Silicon Valley to Johannesburg

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Monday, August 24, 2015
New York, NY


Silicon Valley is recognized globally as the birthplace of some of today's most popular and iconic technologies. Many of its startups have a particular dynamic to thank for their success: the formation of clusters, or groups of companies and organizations that congregate in a region around a particular field.

Brett Gilbert, an associate professor in Rutgers Business School's department of management and global business (and @ProfGilbert on Twitter), studies the formation and influence of these clusters. When a prominent university or a powerhouse company draws other, smaller organizations to its region, a tech cluster forms, supporting entrepreneurs as they develop their own breakthroughs. This model has been observed for decades in the United States. Now, emerging markets such as South Africa are seeing nascent cluster formation. And the success of these nations in the global economy may depend, at least in part, on their ability to make clusters work.

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