Executive Education faculty member Neal Schaffer quoted in Democrat & Chronicle article on use of Instagram photos by digital marketers

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Saturday, January 2, 2016
Rochester, NY

Democrat & Chronicle

They grew up in Rochester, but Ryan Marks and Cody Dalton never met until they both landed jobs at Brand Networks.

Dalton's job was to find great stock photos for companies to use on their social media accounts. Marks' job was to help manage clients. The two quickly realized they were having the same problem at work: Companies wanted authentic photos, not posed stock images.

Neal Schaffer is an expert on the business potential of social media. He said Instagram has spent the last 12 to 24 months becoming the second-largest social media network, behind Facebook. With so many eyes on the site, companies want to place more marketing there.

"Companies have moved away from stock photos for digital marketing," Schaffer said, "because an Instagram user will scroll the site, see a posed image and pay it no mind. Therefore, companies are hungry for images that look like Instagram pictures to keep the potential customer's attention."

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