Glen Gilmore warns that the Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerable to hacking in Dynamic CISO

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Friday, June 3, 2016
New Delhi, India

Dynamic CISO

By employing the Internet of Things (IoT) in our homes, the lights turn on and the temperature adjusts automatically when we walk through the door, our refrigerators inform us when we need milk, and high-tech washers and dryers notify us via smartphone when our clothes are done.

But the IoT is transforming more than just how we live; it's also revolutionizing the global supply chain. Shippers are deploying active tracking devices on cargo containers to monitor shipments in real time.

Glen Gilmore, an attorney and author who is an instructor with Rutgers Business School-Executive Education, where he has created instruction in digital marketing, crisis communications and supply chain management, warns "regulatory and law enforcement authorities are issuing new warnings about the vulnerabilities of such technologies to hacking."

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