Ivy Exec ranks Rutgers EMBA #3 for Healthcare/Pharma Executives

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Monday, November 27, 2017
Newark, NJ

Ivy Exec

"The unraveling of the human genome and the emergence of precision medicine are opening up new avenues for targeted therapies to tackle the most challenging diseases."

Such were the words of Dr. Mitch Morris, Deloitte Consulting's U.S./global healthcare sector leader, in an article published December 2016.

He added, "But this all comes with a high price tag."

This is the environment healthcare is in today, and the industry is badly in need of leaders who will upend prevailing management practices. Amid regulatory changes, complex health delivery systems, and exciting new treatments, Dr. Morris rightly observed, "[T]he status quo will not do; fundamental changes in our approach to managing the costs of healthcare are required."

For healthcare professionals looking to effectively disrupt the way their companies are managed and work their way up the career ladder, we've compiled a list of the top Executive MBA programs from Ivy Exec's 2017 Best Executive MBA Program rankings. The programs in this list attract the most students from the pharma/healthcare sector.

Topping the list is the Fisher Executive MBA program from the Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business.

Coming in at second with 25% of its students from the healthcare industry is the Villanova Executive MBA program from Villanova University's School of Business in Pennsylvania.

Third in the list is the Rutgers Executive MBA program from the Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, with 22% of students from the pharma, biotech, and healthcare fields. Especially created for busy executives, this 20-month program is a suitable learning option for healthcare managers and executives who want to remain working while studying for an MBA.

The Rutgers EMBA program (Ivy Exec's REMBA page) has consistently been ranked as one of the best in the world by the Financial Times since 2011. Of the Rutgers faculty members whose mission is to provide a nimble curriculum that rapidly adapts to the changing times, 85% have doctorates.

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