Jack Bogdanski's New Blog Provides Rich Details for Income Tax Course

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Monday, October 10, 2011

...In many ways, I view Jack's new blog as an extension of the idea behind our Tax Stories book (Foundation Press, 2d ed. 2009).  Several reviewers observed that the book provides useful nuggets for professors to incorporate into their teaching (even if they do not adopt the book for classroom use).  As Jay Soled (Rutgers) noted in Tax Stories Adds Anecdotal Interest to Tax Cases, 100 Tax Notes 727 (2003):

If you share my bent toward the use of anecdotes in the classroom, reading Tax Stories should be a very rewarding experience. Indeed, after reading Tax Stories, don't be surprised if you deliver your lectures with renewed vigor, punctuated with healthy offerings of the anecdotal delights found in this book.

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