The newspaper industry is having a brand crisis, Bob Provost in Editor&Publisher blog

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Sunday, January 22, 2017
Fountain Valley, CA


Newspaper media companies continue to have a brand crisis on their hands and seem to either be oblivious to the problem or lack the will to do something about it. The problem has many roots—most notably (and regrettably) the media's (including newspapers) totally one-sided coverage of their own industry. How many articles about newspaper layoffs, circulation declines, ownership changes and financial woes have you read? How many articles about the growth and local dominance of newspaper media companies in the digital environment? As an industry, newspapers fail to celebrate their successes and fixate on the negatives. And that is what gets public attention.

I've written elsewhere about the misperception of newspapers as the proverbial dinosaur of media. Doomed to extinction. Well, newspapers are indeed emulating the dinosaur in remarkable and innovative ways—because dinosaurs are not extinct. They've simply adapted. We are surrounded daily by dinosaurs, we just don't recognize them. Their modern-day descendants thrive today as perhaps the most prolific and adaptive (10,000+ species) land vertebrate on earth—birds!

Bob Provost
Distinguished Executive-In Residence

Rutgers Business School

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